Region supports maritime tourism

Regional secretary visits marina

Regional secretary visiting a maritime tourism company in Funchal marina

JM reports that the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, visited the maritime tourism company Rota dos Cetáceos yesterday afternoon.

“This meeting is part of a set of direct contacts that we always maintain with the sector, above all to keep up with developments at this time, which is quite complicated for the tourism sector and, in this case in particular, for the maritime-tourists that depend on (the) presence of foreigners or national tourists here in Madeira”.

The government official wants to” envisage measures aimed at supporting businessmen in the sector, taking into account the perspective of activity for the coming months”.

“It is important to anticipate this type of needs, this type of support, so that the Regional Government can respond in the exact measure and at the precise moment when they are needed”, he underlined.

On the occasion, at the Marina of Funchal, Eduardo Jesus could see the care taken with the boats after the passengers of today’s voyages disembarked, with the crew members proceeding with the proper cleaning and disinfection of the vessels.

The regional sectretary was recently accused of “atrotious insensitivity” after comments about hotel staff being made redundant.

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