Positive case went out for coffee

Infected man went out in Jardim da Serra before knowing test result

Jardim da Serra

JM reports that one of the two most recent cases of COVID-19 identified at the airport was a young man from the parish of Jardim da Serra, recently arrived from France.

The paper describes how the situation has generated buzz in that câmaralobense parish, since, they learned from several residents that the man attended a commercial establishment in the area while waiting for the result of the screening test, which later turned out to be positive.

According to the same sources, the youth is already confined to a hotel in the municipality, as dictated by the procedures in force in the Region for positive cases.

COVID-19 Statistics

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11 thoughts on “Positive case went out for coffee”

  1. so what is going to happen now ?
    has he now been confined ?
    the other people who he had contact with, have they been tested also ?
    what will now happen to this IDIOT OF A CLOWN?
    Hopefully he will be charged.

    • In most places around the world this guy would have gone to the bar, leave and no one would ever know he was infected and who he dealt with. Madeira is one of the few places in the world where the testing system allows to detect new cases and break transmission chains (if there are any).

  2. We are due to fly in from UK on Monday but now getting more anxious. Which plane did the 2 who tested positive from UK recently come in on and what then happens to all the other passengers. Are they or those closest on the plane then needed to stay in isolation? If so is it worth the risk of coming now ? We were hoping to be able to help the local economy by coming but the rise again in UK is worrying even though we have been really careful ourselves.

    • Passengers who fly 2 seats away from others who test positive are considered to be on passive surveillance. This means they will be asked to monitor any possible symptoms the next few days more closely. Passive surveillance does not require self-isolation.


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