Portugal extends cruise ship ban

Ban extended until month-end

cruise ship entering Lisbon

expresso.pt reports that the recent resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic has justified the Portuguese government extending the ban on cruise ships which had ended today. However the extension of the ban is not too lengthy.

The government has already said that banning the disembarkation of passengers and cruise crew may be prolonged if the evolution of the pandemic justifies it

The Portuguese government extended the prohibition of disembarkation and licenses for the land of passengers and crews of cruise ships in national ports until September 30, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government justifies the continuation of the ban “as measures to contain the possible lines of contagion, in order to control the spread of the coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease, and the epidemiological situation, both in Portugal and in other countries, continues not to be fully controlled”.

It also stresses the dispatch, signed by the ministers of National Defense, Home Affairs and Health and the Assistant Secretary of State and Communications, that “international experience demonstrates” the high risk resulting from the disembarkation of passengers and crews from cruise ships”.

3 thoughts on “Portugal extends cruise ship ban”

  1. The right thing is not to stop disembarkation. The right thing is to allow only negatively tested passengers. The right thing is to apply safe behavior of passengers and also of the local actors as shops, buses and cafes. Prohibitions chokes society.

  2. Makes sense. Cruise pax cannot be tested when dis-embarking and re-embarking apart from zapping their heads to check temperature. So, having several hundreds wandering off around Porto, Lisbon, Setubal or Portimão is risky.


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