Porto Santo a “fashionable” success

Mayor: “this summer better than expected”

The mayor of Porto Santo

JM reports online that Porto Santo has been an island marked by seasonality and was “in fashion” this summer, but it did not register a “flood” of visitors and had its economic “salvation” in regional tourism”, said the mayor today talking to press agency Lusa.

“We cannot say that we had a flood, as we are in a completely atypical year, but we can say that the feedback from small businesses, bars, restaurants, and hotels, was better than we expected,” said the head of the municipality.

With a population of around 5,000 inhabitants, in the summer months, this small island, which has nine kilometres of fine yellow sand on its beach, its ‘signature’, sees thousands of visitors arriving, above all from Madeira. “In terms of analysis, I dare say that Porto Santo was in fashion, despite the crisis we are experiencing,” said Idalino Vasconcelos.

The mayor stressed that the island was widely publicized on social networks, by influencers, strangers and in several magazines, with “incredible photos” that promoted Porto Santo as a “safe vacation destination” and “a paradise”, where even the President of Republic spent three days on vacation.

But, he argued that “taking into account that it was difficult to count on the English, German and Danish operators” due to the pandemic, “the bet would be on national and especially regional tourism”.

Porto Santo benefitted from regional tourism

“And the summer came to clearly demonstrate that regional tourism was extremely beneficial for the island and for the merchants” of Porto Santo, adding that “it was really the lifeline” of Porto Santo’s economy together with the bet on the “make a vacation here” solution inside”.

The social-democratic mayor argued that those responsible always looked with “confidence and hope that the geographic limitation, characteristic of the island, could be an advantage to prevent COVID-19 from entering the island”, making it a safer territory.

Regarding the reported cases – seven confirmed – considers that “there were few, well-identified and confined” due to the measures adopted, which went through “mandatory confinement, the closure of ports and airports and the use of a mask”.

“I am sure that we would be much worse off were it not for these measures”, he stressed.

For the dynamism seen in the summer, Idalino Vasconcelos stressed that “several local and regional institutions, but, in particular, the Regional Government” contributed, which “encouraged regional travel and regional tourism on the island of Porto Santo”.

The mayor also highlighted the disclosure made abroad by the Madeira Promotion Association and Porto Santo Line, a group that ensures maritime connections between the two islands.

“Obviously, we have these policies for the winter in order to minimize the impact of seasonality and strengthen our weak local economy”, he emphasized.

The mayor also stressed the importance of the various exceptional and temporary measures adopted to “soften the economic shock and assist companies and families in Porto”.

Idalino Vasconcelos pointed out that “synergies in the area of ​​tourism were also created to promote this destination and leverage the recovery of the economy”, with the prospect that, “very soon, there will be conditions to celebrate many successes in the sector”.

“We refuse to fade in the face of these difficult times that we are going through. It is our concern to make up for lost time and prepare for the future and, for that, we count on everyone ”, he stressed.

The mayor said that this summer there were “more complaints of vandalism” and stressed that the island’s authorities “cannot admit that no one will go on holiday to Porto Santo, to question the work of many serious people”.

Idalino Vasconcelos also criticized the “childish attitudes”, the “thoughtless and antisocial acts” of some young people who end up calling Porto Santo into question as “a destination of tranquility and security”, appealing to the responsibility of parents and declaring: “We cannot agree with this lack of education and civility ”.

The official defended that the security forces “must adjust” to the increase of the population at this time to guarantee public security, a “design and competence of the State and the Republic”, although the joint effort of the different forces has “worked well” (PSP, GNR, Customs and SEF).

COVID-19 latest figures

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  1. If we manage to get to Madeira in December I fancy spending a couple of days on Port Santo. My question is, how easy is it getting on & off the Lobo at each end? My missus has pretty poor mobility and would struggle getting up/down a gangwar.


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