Patient with COVID-19 causes concern at the hospital

… spending several hours in Emergency Admissions

Diario headline - a patient with COVID-19 causes concern at the hospital

The front page of the Diario this morning leads with a report that a COVID-19 case caused anxiety after spending several hours in the open admissions room at the main Dr. Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal. Apparently several professionals who had contact with him were not tested – a situation that has presumably been rectified since.

The same newspaper reports that hospital administration authority SESARAM announced shortly afterwards that they had dealt with “a controlled situation within the scope of the Contingency Plan”. All of this came just hours before Madeira announced 4 new cases of positive tests for COVID-19.

The new positive tests take the Region to a cumulative total of 166 confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the daily epidemiological bulletin.

The new cases are being classified as three imported cases and one case of local transmission. The case of local transmission is associated with the transmission chain identified in Porto Santo, originating with a confirmed case in the region of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo.

The epidemiological investigation made it possible to identify a total of 23 contacts in the municipality of Porto Santo, of which 4 cases were confirmed. Contacts remain in isolation.

Yesterday there were six more recovered reported, with the region now accounting for 124 recovered cases of COVID-19.

Ronaldo and manager donate 5 advanced monitors to hospital

Patient with COVID-19 causes concern at the hospital 1

JM report that the Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira yesterday also received five monitors donated by Cristiano Ronaldo and his manager, Jorge Mendes.

The five monitors of advanced monitoring signals of intensive care of the Dräger brand, were received by SESARAM last week and yesterday they became operational after installation by a company technician who went to the island specially. According to a press release,

“this type of equipment allows continuous, invasive, and non-invasive monitoring of multiple vital parameters of patients, such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, electrocardiographic tracing, temperature, among others”.

The provision of this equipment to SESARAM allows the Region to increase its capacity to respond to critically ill patients, particularly important in combating the pandemic COVID 19

The Health Service of the Region, SESERAM, has thanked the captain of the Portuguese team and Jorge Mendes for their donation.

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