New national rules will not apply in Madeira

Tighter rules only apply on the mainland

António Costa, announcing new rules yesterday

JM reports that within the scope of the new rules announced yesterday by the Prime Minister, to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, which come into force on September 15th, the Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira clarifies that “the measures enacted by the Portuguese Prime Minister they do not conflict with the measures implemented proactively by the autonomous region in the current ‘calamity situation’. What was announced is valid only for the national territory, mainland Portugal”.

Yesterday, António Costa announced that new restrictions will apply across the country, but be tighter in Lisbon and Porto, and also in schools. There will be no relief from rules, including in sport, with no chance of crowds returning. Expresso reports (thanks to Peter for the link) “there is a slight tightening for everyone, albeit without mandatory masks on the streets. But the message for the Portuguese is clear: an effort is needed, because it is not possible to close everything again”.

New rules

Tighter restrictions on the mainland will apply to cafes in the vicinity of schools, service stations, alcohol consumption is banned on the streets, city councils can decide what time establishments must close, and people cannot gather in groups of more than ten. The rules come into effect next Tuesday.

The note from the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection also states that “the measures applied in Madeira and Porto Santo are reflected in the Resolutions of the Government Council and in the information and documents of the Regional Health Authorities and are public knowledge”, adding that “in the Region the epidemiological situation of COVID-19 is being properly monitored and monitored by the competent entities, so the adoption of new measures will always be supported by technical-scientific opinions “.

Thus, concludes the information note, “in view of the recent increase in the number of cases in the world, in Europe and in mainland Portugal, in the Region all its citizens must respect individual and collective protection measures, as one of the most effective ways for the control of the coronavirus transmission.

COVID-19 latest figures

Updates to the latest COVID-19 statistics are being made on Monday’s post

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  1. I note on the easyJet app that all flights between Manchester and Madeira from 23 October 2020 to 29 March 2021 are no longer available.
    This happened earlier this year and subsequently all flights were formally cancelled just two weeks before their departure dates.
    Whilst not unsympathetic to easyJet’s dilemma, an earlier cancellation would give customers a fighting chance to make alternative flight arrangements at a reasonable cost.


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