“New” airport is now 20 years old

Madeira International Airport anniversary

The Diario reports that today marks the 20th anniversary of the new airport opening in Madeira.

On the same day as the opening of the Olympic Games in Sydney, “Madeira International Airport”, as it was titled then, officially opened. The event was attended by the President and the Prime Minister of the Republic, and the Regional Government under the leadership of a freshly re-elected Alberto João Jardim organised an inauguration to mark what was the completion of the largest national construction project at the time.

The newspaper has made their issue of September 15, 2000 available for download as a PDF :

7 thoughts on ““New” airport is now 20 years old”

  1. That great long runway isn’t as much fun as the old one was for white-knuckle landings 🤣🤣🛬

    I remember the first time we flew in and I saw the runway as we went past! Looked like someone’s driveway!! The air brakes were up before we hit tarmac and full reverse-thrust as soon as we did and we still used the entire length to stop 😲😲

    It’s a cakewalk now 😃😃

      • This is a common perception but it is a wrong perception.

        20 years ago the passenger air traffic in Madeira was about 1.2-1.4 million pax/year. Nowadays (excluding pandemic effects) the traffic is 3.2 million pax/year. So there are about 2.5-3 times more planes landing in Madeira now than 20 years ago. So, in absolute numbers there are more flights affected by wind. But in relative terms this is not true.


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