Landmark Café Apolo future uncertain

Staff union hopes to hear soon

Cafe Apolo

JM reports that the Hotel Union on the island hopes to know quickly, possibly as soon as today, on the decision of an investor who will have expressed interest in Café Apolo.

The emblematic cafe over 70 years old, located in the centre of Funchal opposite the Sé Cathedral, has been closed since the 27th of last month, allegedly for holidays, but, according to Adolfo Freitas, coordinator of the Hotel Union, because the establishment is in danger of bankruptcy.

According to the union leader, the employer said to the workers’ representatives, “at a meeting held at the Regional Labor Directorate, that if there is no business the most likely is to file for insolvency”.

If the deal goes through, Adolfo Freitas says that “the 17 posts are secured”, but if not, “on Monday it could be the end of Café Apolo”.

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