Helicopter drill on Porto Santo ferry

Simulated passenger rescue on Lobo Marinho

Merlin helicopter above Porto Santo ferry

JM reports that a rescue drill took place last night on board the Lobo Marinho ferry, on the trip between Funchal and Porto Santo, in an exercise involving the Air Force.

The Merlin Helicopter of the Helicopter drill on Porto Santo ferry, coming from Porto Santo carried out a simulated exercise to rescue Lobo Marinho passengers, in an event that was coordinated with the Porto Santo Line during the trip between Funchal and Porto Santo. The presence of the low-flying Merlin caused some interest in Funchal on a cloudy evening.

Squadron 751 of the Air Force is carrying out an exercise with the ship Lobo Marinho, from the company Porto Santo Line, in an established collaboration that proves to be extremely important for the training and readiness of the crews, namely with regard to rescue situations to ships”, Lieutenant Colonel Manuel da Costa told JM.

The exercise, he adds, aims to familiarize the crew of the Lobo Marinho with the procedures and techniques of air rescue from the Air Force using the Merlin helicopter.

The same model of helicopter recently surprised sunbathers during a sea rescue excercise off Porto Santo

Replication is an even more sincere form of flattery

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