Golden Visas raise €72m

Controversial scheme has benefitted 103 new citizens

Diario highlighting Golden Visa scheme

The Diario reports today that the controversial “Golden Visa” scheme, created in 2012, whereby wealthy foreigners effectively “buy” fast-tracked Portuguese nationality, has, in Madeira, battracted 103 citizens from 26 counties spanning 5 continents.

The majority of beneficiaries are Russians, Turks, Brazilians, Ukranians, and Chinese, most of whom make the required minimum investment of €500,000 in property. The scheme has so far raised around €72 million according to the Diario.

Other means of aquiring a Golden Visa involve a cash transfer of €1m, the creation of 10 jobs, or the purchase of €350,000 worth of real estate in urban regeneration areas at least 30 years old.

Madeira Ultra Swim

The photo on the front page of the newspaper is of the Madeira Ultra Swim, which saw about 300 swimmers. More photos here.

The likelihood of rain abates

As readers noted the predicted heavy rain forecast has been reduced in severity, wth the BBC now predicting just a 23% likelihood of any rain in Funchal at worst.

COVID-19 latest figures

Updates to the latest COVID-19 statistics are being made on Monday’s post

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  1. A good week is expected in the south of England this week, with mid to late September looking very good. At least this will be before we go into lockdown again (inevitable the way the figures are rising) and not during, as happened earlier in the year.


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