Cruise ship resumption depends on operators

President speaks about doubts and conditions

The President speaking about cruise ships resumimg

The Diario reports that during a visit to the port this morning to inspect recent improvements, the President of the Region spoke about the possibility of cruise ship visits to the facility returning – currently scheduled for mid-November. He saw the key as being the testing of passengers after each disembarkation at a port of call.

“The information we have is that passengers will be tested when they embark on a cruise” However Miguel Albuquerque‘s concern is that passengers may disembark in areas of local contamination and return to the ship – he is concerned that a cruise can then be safely resumed.

He told reporters of his concern that the COVID-19 situation in the Canary Islands is getting worse (they have seen over 7000 cases), and that is where most cruise ships that dock in Funchal normally also call at one of the Spanish islands. He believes that the testing after each port of call may be the solution.

More work in port in the absence of cruise ships

The President also spoke to JM about a new building to support Pier 6 in the Port of Funchal will be born, next to the CR7 hotel, with an estimated cost for the execution of the work of €800,000. Peir 6 is the small on the lanside beneath Santa Catarina Park.

“Taking advantage of the cruise suspension period to carry out work on pier 6, which is a new small station that has no implications either for its volume or for the visual impact of the city”, said Albuquerque

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