COVID-19: Patient transferred from private hospital to specialist care

… and two more positive case

Private hospital where COVID-19 case was discovered

JM reports that there is now one more patient hospitalized in the Multidisciplinary Unit for COVID-19 at Hospital Dr Nélio Mendonça. The patient was found to be positive upon admission to a private health unit. It is understood to be the latest case of local transmission.

The patient came from the new private hospital, Hospital Particular da Madeira (photo)in São Martinho where they were being prepared on Thursday for internment. However, as it is mandatory to carry out the COVID-19 test to initiate hospitalization, this patient was found to be positive and placed in isolation. The test was repeated last Friday and it was confirmed that they were infected with the disease.

Later on Friday, the patient was transferred by the ambulance to the Multipurpose Unit of COVID-19 at Hospital Dr Nélio Mendonça, where he will now perform the treatment in isolation.

Latest COVID-19 figures for Madeira

According to the daily bulletin yesterday from the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE another two cases were screened at the airport – two adults, one 20 and 30 years old, one from the UK and one from France.

Four more cases are classified as “recovered” taking the total recovered to 157. The number of active cases stands at 54, with 44 classified as “imported” and 10 as being by “local transmission”.

Update Sunday September 27

The daily update informs us that there was one new case screened at the airport yesterday, an individual traveling to the island from the Lisbon and the Tagus Valley region of the mainland. 7 other situations are being monitored

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