Calls for Madeira’s inclusion in National Recovery Plan

Assembly representative pushes Madeira

Neves, speaking about the National Recovery Plan

Both the major local newspapers report that the PSD deputy in the Assembly of the Republic, Paulo Neves, pushing the case that the “strategy for economic recovery is only national if it includes the Regions, namely Madeira”.

The National Economic Recovery Plan will be published on September 15th. One day later, the author of the plan, Prime Minister António Costa Silva, will present it to the Assembly of the Republic..

“It is important that the National Economic Recovery Plan, in its final version, is able to meet the real needs and demands of the Region and be able to integrate the different suggestions sent by the Regional Government, something that, unfortunately, did not happen initially, when, in 129 pages, there was only one mention of Madeira”.

Community Funds are important part of recovery plan

“It is essential that the national economic recovery strategy to be presented to Brussels – and on the basis of which the future Community Funds for the Country will be negotiated – be more than a continental Plan and thus reflect the needs and measures that are necessary for Portugal as a whole, which includes the Autonomous Regions,” explained the Madeiran deputy, hoping that, in this way, the structuring projects that Madeira needs to be supported, in order to sustain the economic recovery,“ are not, more once, relegated to the background ”.

Paulo Neves who stresses that it does not make any sense to outline a national economic recovery strategy when ignoring what was and what is being done, “in a Region that has been making an extraordinary effort to diversify its economy and to find new outlets tending to consolidate a more sustainable economic model for the future, in favor of the stability of their companies and families”.

“Hopefully, this time, an exclusion will be corrected which, more than unjust, was totally unacceptable on the part of the Republic”, he concluded.

Neves is keen to promote the potential of the International Business Centre in Madeira, which he believes should be expanded, together with the International Ship Register, as well as activities such as aquaculture

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  1. This is really important to the region. There is not a day goes by without anothe cafe or restaurant closing and more redundancies announced. Tourism must be the worst affected sector of the economyand Mdaeira and the Algarve particularly badly hit. When the lay-off scheme ends it will become apparent how bad things are.


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