Barreirinha Lido closed this morning

Madeira Island “Ultra Swim” held today

Barreirinha Lido

The Diario reports that the Barreirinha complex will be closed to the public this morning due to the Madeira Island “Ultra Swim” competition taking place.

The event is a one-kilometre open sea race and part of the “MIUS 2020” swimming event, which is an open water discipline, organized by the Madeira Swimming Association, which will take place in the Autonomous Region of Madeira today. It includes five tests: 30k, 20k, 10k, and 5K, all of them in a linear, non-stop format. As part of the promotion of the sport, there will also be the 1K race off Barreirinha.

The lido will reopen at 2:00 pm after cleaning and disinfecting.

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