Bailinho da Madeira wins top award

Bailinho in final 7 winners from 504 entries nationally

Bailinho being performed

JM’s website gives a lot of coverage to Bailinho da Madeira being voted one of the “7 Wonders of Popular Culture“, as determined by the vote of the Portuguese, during the final gala, held last night, in Bragança, transmitted live by RTP. The Diario also gives the Bailinho award considerable coverage.

The Madeiran prize was announced by the fado singer Cuca Roseta, with 504 original entrants to the competition having been whittled down to 14 for last night’s final.

Bailinho da Madeira was created in 1938, by the hand of João Gomes de Sousa, the ‘Feiticeiro da Calheta’, with lyrics and music of his own, having its debut at the first harvest party, with the Folkloric Rancho of Arco da Calheta. Then, ten years later, Max and his band took the ‘bailinho’, giving it new arrangements and transporting it to another dimension. The “7 Wonders” award is a grat acheivement.

7 Wonders of Portuguese Popular Culture

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