President confident there is no transmission chain

Albuquerque happy the Porto Santo situation being monitored

The president of the Regional Government, this morning assured the public that the situation in Porto Santo was under control, with no chain of transmission of COVID-19, after “some alarmism” arose on Monday and yesterday.

As reported earlier today 14 people have had to be quarantined, 11 of whom are on the Golden Island, after a positive case was detected of a Portuguese tourist who spent two weeks on vacation in the Region. In the group of direct contacts is presenter Jorge Gabriel, currently quarantined in Lisbon, whose test was negative.

On the sidelines of the visit to the re-paving works on the Boca da Corrida road, in Jardim da Serra, Câmara de Lobos, Miguel Albuquerque told reporters that “at this moment, the monitoring and control situation in Porto Santo is in place. It was an excellent job by the health services of Porto Santo”.

The official explained that the tourist arrived in Madeira on August 5, with a negative test of COVID-19, and travelled to Porto Santo, by boat, on the 7th, where she stayed for a few days. On the 17th, she had symptoms and when she returned to Lisbon it was found that she was infected. “The regional health services of Porto Santo have already tested the majority of the 14 people, with negative tests and are being followed, with prophylactic isolation measures”. 

Miguel Albuquerque is confident that, in this context, there will be no transmission chain at this time.

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