President asks tourists to wear masks

Hoteliers told to ask guests to wear masks on the street

JM reports that the President of the Regional Government said today that he does not yet feel euphoric due to the fact that a possible focus of local infection in Porto Santo has not yet been confirmed, saying that it is necessary to have “a lot of attention to control the situation”.

Then he launched an appeal to hoteliers: “I ask you to recommend to our tourists, who are happily returning to Madeira, to wear the mask when (walking) on the public road”.

On the sidelines of a visit to Aviatlântico, in Santo da Serra, Miguel Albuquerque stressed that “it is important that people make a small sacrifice to wear the mask, in order to prevent cases like what happened in Porto Santo”.

Outbreak in Porto santo would be very difficult to control

“We could have a local infection outbreak in Porto Santo, which would be very difficult to control,” he said, admitting that “at this point the situation appears to be under control, although it is necessary to wait some more time for the results”.

The head of the regional Executive added, however, that “it is important not to enter into euphoria”, warning with the worsening of situations in countries like Italy, Spain, and even in the Portuguese continent, where Albuquerque considered that “the numbers are catastrophic again”.

“Here in Madeira, we have to be judicious and careful. No relaxing, we have to keep our distance, wear a mask, and try to make a living, but with all the precautions”, he finished.

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