Portugal nears “green list”

“Britons flock to Portugal as FCO makes ‘progress’ in dropping quarantine”

Algarve - which will hopefully benefit from Portugal inclusion on the FCO green list

Telegraph Travel online reports that fresh hope has emerged that Portugal could soon be added to the FCO’s ‘green list’, according to a government source.

Ministers are thought to be happy with Portgual’s low infection numbers (including Madeira’s virtually non-existent numbers), with a Whitehall source quoted as telling The Sun: “Portugal has made a lot of progress but the process for dropping quarantine is far more gradual, where we monitor progress in weeks rather than days”.

But the Telegraph reports that Britons are already flouting the FCO’s advice against all but essential travel, and are visiting the country anyway. 

There has been “absolutely overwhelming” demand for a new insurance package – covered in a separate post” launched by Portugal’s National Tourism Authority that offers medical and holiday cancellation cover for foreign visitors; something that is hard to come by in the UK given Portugal’s current absence from its ‘green list’.

Marco Pyta, commercial director for the insurance company, Bónus Seguros, told Portugal Resident on Friday that he’s had to bring in a special task force to cope with the “unbelievable” number of enquiries, with more than 1,000 yesterday, stating: “Nintey per cent have come from England.” 

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