Porto Santo transmission chain

Visitor tests positive after returning home

Jorge Gabriel pictured on Porto Santo

The Diario reports that concern spread on Porto Santo after a woman who had been on holiday there tested positive for COVID-19. The lady, who had passed through Madeira en-route, had been in contact with TV presenter Jorge Gabriel who was on the Golden Island at the time, but he has subsequently tested negative and is now self-isolating at home on the mainland.

The tourist arrived in Porto Santo on August 7, staying until the 24th. According to JM she felt unwell a few days later, but did not fully appreciate the severity of her condition until returning to the mainland. Apparently she would not have had any intense social life during her stay.

Ther alert has caused a potential transmission chain to be identified on the island, with 11 people being identified and tested. According to the Porto Santo health delegate, two are locals involved in the hospitality sector, with the remainder having family ties to the infected tourist and Jorge Gabriel. All are undertaking isolation and some have already returned negative tests.

Jorge Gabriel has, among other shows, presented  Quem Quer Ser Milionário?, the Portuguese version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Some people are making the point that if the person concerned felt unwell, why did she not attend the health center in Porto Santo instead of travelling with the virus. The TV presenter himself made a video, published on Instagram, with a brief explanation of events “in order that there is no general panic in the population”.

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5 thoughts on “Porto Santo transmission chain”

  1. Oh that’s just great! Loking forward to local holiday makers returning from Porto Santo with the virus. Why make a video when it’s obvious you and your friends are stupid! Obrigada Sr Gabriel!

  2. Oh, that is bad news. Obviously the guidance didn’t apply to this party of holidaymakers.
    I have been boasting that Madeira is safe so still praying for my holiday in September if there are any flights or airlines still conducting business next month.


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