New coastal road opens in Ribeira Brava

“Marginal” opens today

New seafront road in Ribeira Brava

The Marginal da Ribeira Brava, a project that was the subject of a program contract between the Regional Government and the Municipality, will be inaugurated today, August 28, at 5:00 pm.

JM originally reported that work on the new “marginal” of Ribeira Brava, between the town and the parish of Tabua, started in September 2018, with a projected cost of €2.9 million.

Last week, the Mayor of Ribeira Brava, Ricardo Nascimento, released, on his Facebook page, a photo showing a small part of the new connection. On the same note, he also thanked all those who had worked on the project.

“It is not long before our marginal is reopened. Another great work in our land. As a native of Ribeirabravense, I can only thank everyone who worked either in the offices or on the ground for this reality. Thank you! ”

Important route for Ribeira Brava

New seafront road in Ribeira Brava

The Mayor also stressed that Avenida Engenheiro Ribeiro Pereira is a work very much desired by the population. “It is a project that has been awaited for more than 10 years and an important route, especially for the transit movement to the seafront of Ribeira Brava, with potential benefits for the village’s trade”, he says.

The refurbishment work on the marginal represents an investment of approximately €2,899,000 euros (+ VAT) under the responsibility of the Municipality of Ribeira Brava, under a program contract with the Regional Government.

After the inauguration, which will be attended by the president of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, there will be a musical concert with the performance of the singer Cristina Barbosa.

The work includes an extension of about fifteen hundred meters and an automobile transit route, towards the entrance to Vila da Ribeira Brava, as well as a bicycle path and pedestrian zone.

The infrastructure is protected by three security galleries, in the three areas identified as most at risk and which support landslides, which will be routed directly to the sea coast.

The project also included the installation of seismographs that will work synchronized with emergency traffic lights that are activated whenever sufficient movement thresholds are detected to jeopardize safety.

It also contemplated the creation of a wide multipurpose space for the reception of various events.

Replication is an even more sincere form of flattery

Marginal da Ribeira Brava fica pronta no final de Agosto

"Marginal da Ribeira Brava fica pronta no final de Agosto"RTP Madeira | 22/07/2020#ribeirabrava #terradesonhoetradição

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