Just 5 complaints about compulsory masks

Ombudsman sees complaints filed about mandatory mask use

mask in urgencia

JM reports that the Ombudsman’s Office has so far received five complaints about the mandatory use of masks in public spaces in Madeira, and no recommendation on the matter has been issued so far, the entity’s source told press agency Lusa.

Questioned by Lusa about whether complaints have already been filed with the Ombudsman on the mandatory use of masks in public spaces in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, which came into force on August 1, a source in the provider’s office said that to date five complaints have been filed, “which are still being analyzed”.

According to the same source, the Ombudsman’s Office has not yet issued any recommendation on the decision of the Regional Government of Madeira.

The measure was announced by the Regional Government, of the PSD / CDS-PP coalition, at the end of July, and caused controversy, especially with regard to legal validity and the proportionality of the action in view of the relatively mild epidemiological situation in the Region.

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  1. Thats because nobody is bothering to wear masks outside the centre of Funchal – even there more and more people are ignoring instructions. Outside the centre virtually nobody other than those working.

    • Even if there were a billion cases*, it doesn’t matter, because MASKS DON’T WORK. The World Health Organisation advised against their use in March. You might as well put up a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes. The enforcement is about politics, not health. Madeira will simply put off thousands from visiting. Crazy.
      * A case is someone who is ill enough to need medical help. The vast majority of people who are infected are either mildly unwell or have no symptoms. We should talk about the number of infections, not cases.


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