Hotels dismiss staff

65% of hotels dismiss employees

JM today, leading with the headline that hotels are dimissing staff

The front page of JM leads with the story that a survey carried out by trade association ACIF reveals that 19 out of 29 hotel companies admit to dismissing employees in response to difficulties. Only 35% say they will attempt to retain jobs.

COVID-19 latest figures

The same newspaper reports that according to the Directorate-General for Health in Lisbon (DGS), Madeira has registered four more cases in relation to the balance sheet that DGS carried out yesterday, now totalling 117 confirmed infections, and no deaths.

The last update of IASAÚDE, Madeira yesterday totalled 116 cases of infection with 18 active cases. Thus, compared to this latest data, Madeira has added another case.

In DGS accounts, Madeira has one more confirmed case since the last bulletin from the regional authority.

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