Faro airport struggles to cope with British influx

Algarve airport to get reinforcements

Queueing Brits at Faro airport

The Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) is sending border control reinforcements to the Algarve’s Faro airport next week, as authorities struggle to cope with a surge in arrivals of British tourists after quarantine rules were lifted last week with the opening of an air corridor. The photo opposite appeared on Twitter on Thursday.

The Algarve News reports on the decision to send more officers to the Algarvian airport, the most popular Portuguese destination for Britons, came after the picture was shared online by a politician on Thursday showing a long queue of hundreds of tourists, with no social distancing.

“Airport staff were all sent home, the airport is not at all prepared for the flood of people coming in”, one Twitter user commented on the picture. “The English traded holidays in Spain and France at the last minute to come to the Algarve.”

“Special measures are urgently needed”, commented the border agency after being pushed to action. The number of passengers arriving from Britain has grown by a massive 190% since Portugal was removed from Britain’s COVID-19 quarantine list on August 20, according to SEF. The picture was widely shared, with many accusing the service of not having enough staff to check passports.

In a statement on Friday, the SEF said it was a one-off situation when eight flights landed around the same time. However, to deal with the surge in arrivals, a total of 12 extra border control officers were sent to Faro airport and 10 more will arrive on September 1, SEF said, adding that from Monday more electronic passport gates would also be operating.

Businesses in the Algarve, where the number of unemployed registered in June jumped 216.1% year-on-year, are eager to welcome back British visitors, the main source of tourism and income for the foreigner-dependent economy of the region. But it might be too late to make up for the losses. “It is important to offset the huge losses we had throughout the year but it will naturally not be enough to make up for the crashes up until August,” said Eliderico Viegas, president of Algarve’s AHETA hotel association.

Portugal may return to UK’s blacklist

According to TV station SIC Noticias, various sources in the British press are reporting that the rising number of cases may see Portugal lose its travel corridor with the UK.

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