Emergency while in Madeira?

Useful information in the event of an emergency

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Fortunately, on a day when there is little news from Madeira, regular contributor Maurice Reed has sent in a useful link to the Ocean Retreat website featuring what to do in the event of an emergency whilst in Madeira. I have replicated this below – some of it is permanently in the Useful Links tab above.

The temporary emergency card mentioned below is promoted by an old affiliate of the blog, Safe Communities Portugal.

Emergency Telephone Numbers – Madeira

Portugal wide including Madeira

Medical emergency (Ambulancia)112
Police (policia) including
Local Police (Guarda Nacional Republicana, GNR)
Security Police (Policia Seguranca Publica, PSP)
Fire Rescue112

Madeira Specific

SANAS – Socorro no Mar – Emergency at Sea291 230 112
Via Litoral – Emergency Road Service
(Via Rápida VR1 from Caniçal to Ribeira Brava)
800 290 290
Via Expresso – Emergency Road Service
(São Vicente, Porto Moniz, Santana, Calheta) VE1-4
800 20 30 40
All Madeira numbers are hereHere

Hospitals and Clinics on Madeira

Public Health Centers
Madeira  Main Hospital in Funchal 291 705 600
Nazaré – Funchal291 764 700
Bom Jesus – Funchal291 208 700
São Roque – Funchal291 705 410
Monte – Funchal291 784 880
Santo Antonio – Funchal291 708 380
Câmara de Lobos291 910 380
Estreito de Câmara de Lobos291 910 230
Ribeira Brava291 950 200
Porto Moniz291 850 170
São Vicente291 840 060
Calheta291 822 244
Santa Cruz291 524 826
Machico291 969 130
Santana291 570 300
Porto Santo291 980 060
Private Health Centers 
Madeira Medical Center – Private 24/24 Hospital291 003 300
Monumental Lido Medical Center291 771 020
Ajuda Medical Center291 773 948

Portuguese Emergency Phrases / Words

While on Madeira many people speak a foreign language, there are others who do not.  So it is good to have these translations handy – just in case.

I have had an accident.Eu teve um acidente.
This is an emergency.Temos uma emergência.
I need an ambulance.Preciso uma ambulância.
I need a doctor.Preciso um medico.
I need the policeChamar a polícia.
Heart attackInfarct
I have had a stroke.Eu sofrei um aneurisma, ataque apopléctico.
He / she has had a strokeEle / Ela sofreu um aneurisma, ataque apopléctico.
Very sickMuito doente
Where is the nearest hospital?Onde e o hospital mais próximo?
Is there a pharmacy near here?Há uma farmácia aqui perto?
Call the fire services !Chamar os bombeiros!
I have had a car accident.Eu teve um acidente de carro.
I have been robbed / mugged.Eu fui vitimo dum assalto!
Fire !Fogo !
Help !Socorro !
Emergency Vocabulary in Portuguese

It is also useful to be able to show the following documents. Firstly, your passport or ID card. Secondly, your E111 (European citizens health card) or equivalent health insurance document. Thirdly, any private health or travel insurance documents you may have.  If you do not want to carry them with you at all time, a good idea is to make a photocopy of those documents.   Furthermore, we recommend the use of the Emergency Card here below.

Emergency Card

Emergency ID Card Portugal Madeira

Communication with emergency medical services and authorities is sometimes difficult after an accident, especially if those in need of medical help are tourists who do not speak Portuguese. Hence, to resolve important communication issues, the Safe Communities association implemented the use of the Emergency Medical Card in 2018. This card can be used by both locals and tourists and serves as an additional source of information which might be important to those working in the emergency medical services.  

The Emergency ID Card contains the holder’s name, country of origin, emergency contact information. The user can also add health data such as current medication, allergies, illnesses. One can also provide information about the authorities of their country of origin. This information can save precious time.

Emergency while in Madeira? 1

This informational card (in English and Portuguese) is free of charge. Furthermore, the security forces (Police & GNR) and INEM (National Institute of Medical Emergency) recognize it as valid. One can download it from official websites, or simply follow the link here below. Thereafter update it with information they deem important in case of emergency. The Emergency ID Card should be printed and kept in your wallet, as the “Fill-in, cut and keep.” slogan suggests. This means you can keep the card on you at all times. Moreover, the card does not present any data privacy issues.

You can download the card by clicking on this link:

Emergency while in Madeira? 3

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