COVID-19: Madeira has lowest number of cases

Least affected region in Portugal

COVID-19: Madeira has lowest number of cases 1

A further set of statistics have been released by the Regional Statistics Directorate (DRE) according to press agency Lusa today:

By county

The municipality of Câmara de Lobos recorded 12.5 confirmed cases per 10,000 inhabitants, the highest value observed at regional level, but still four times lower than the national average.

Funchal, the most populous municipality in Madeira, had a ratio lower than the regional average (2.9 cases per 10,000 inhabitants).


With regard to the labour market, the National Statistics Institute (INE) and the Regional Statistics Directorate (DRE) report that the “unemployment rate increased to 6.7% in the second quarter “1.1 percentage points more than in the previous quarter”, further indicating that “about 16.9% of the region’s employed population worked from home”.

Ports and Airports

‘Em Foco’ reports that “the cruise ports in the region still do not receive cruise ships, since measures were taken in March to prohibit the docking of these types of ships” , having passed 143,142 passengers in transit, “representing a loss of 54.4% in the first half of this year in year-on-year terms”.

On the Madeira-Porto Santo sea line, “losses in April were almost total (only 173 passengers in both directions), with falls in May and June rising to 78.1% and 42.1%, respectively “.

At airports in the region, restrictive measures to contain covid-19 also had “a very strong impact”.

In effect, says the DRE, the movement of passengers (embarked, disembarked and in transit) at the two airports in the region in March 2020 was reduced by 50% and was almost completely canceled in April and May.

“Thus, in the fourth month of this year, only 371 passengers passed through the two airports in the region and, in May, 1,839. In June, there was a slight recovery, with the total number of passengers not however, to reach nine thousand (8,841), representing a reduction of 97.1% compared to the same month of 2019. The accumulated losses of the 1st semester have already reached 61.7% in year-on-year terms “, he highlights.

Public transport

In land transport, the DRE notes a “sharp reduction in passengers transported in urban routes, which in the second quarter of 2020 was around 68.2%”.


In Tourism, DRE said that “overnight stays” were “at historic lows”, noting that, “after an auspicious start to the year, there was a fall of around 50% in March, in April and May, tourism activity was almost neutralized, with the number of overnight stays in collective tourist accommodation not exceeding 4.0 thousand and 5.0 thousand respectively “.

“In May, almost all establishments were closed or without movement, a situation that only escaped 1.6% of Tourism establishments in Rural and Housing Space, 2.6% of and 3.4% of local accommodation units “.

With such a low number of overnight stays, DRE indicates, “total and room income were minimal (-99.8% and -99.7%, respectively in terms of year-on-year variation) , as well as the RevPAR which, in May this year, sank to 6.41 euros, falling 87.1% year on year. “

The bed occupancy rate in May, which in the last seven years was almost always between 60% and 70% (in May 2016, it even surpassed this mark), did not exceed 12.3%.

In a first projection of the June 2020 figures, the INE estimates for the region about 16.9 thousand overnight stays, which will represent a homologous decrease of 97.6%, referring to that organism that 76 , 5% of establishments in the region declared cancellations for the months of June to October this year.

Tax revenue

With regard to tax revenue, ‘Em Foco’ points out that “vehicle tax fell by 43.7%, reflecting the reduction in the acquisition of new motor vehicles, while Tax on Tobacco dropped 26.8%. Confinement had an impact on fuel consumption, causing a reduction in the Tax on Petroleum and Energy Products (-14.9%). The Stamp Duty also decreased 7.4% “.

Download here ‘Em Foco’ dedicated to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic on the economic and social life of the Region (until August 2020):

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