COVID-19: 6 more cases in Madeira

Worrying trend continues

COVID-19 test

The Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE released its daily bulletin earlier today, and it looks like the numbers testing positive for COVID-19 are continuing to increase.

Regarding the transmission chain identified in Porto Santo, in association with a confirmed case in the region of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, reported here previously, the epidemiological investigation has so far now identified 23 contacts in the municipality of Porto Santo (3 were confirmed, 15 were negative and 5 are awaiting results). All contacts remain in isolation and the epidemiological investigation is still ongoing.

Six new cases of COVID-19 were reported today (Thursday). These are 4 imported cases, from Poland and Italy, and 2 cases of local transmission identified in the municipality of Funchal.

COVID-19 ransmission chains spread

As for the case of local transmission identified yesterday in the municipality of Funchal, new data from the epidemiological investigation have made it possible to identify a transmission chain with an association with 2 positive cases, recently diagnosed through the screening unit at Madeira airport. According to the same source, the epidemiological investigation of this transmission chain has so far identified 9 contacts (2 have been confirmed, 2 have been negative and 5 are awaiting results). All contacts remain in isolation and the epidemiological investigation is still ongoing.

At this moment, according to IASAÚDE, there are two suspected cases of COVID-19 under study – two travellers. Laboratory analyzes and epidemiological investigations are ongoing.

The cumulative total of 118 recovered cases remains the same. 36 cases are active, of which 29 are imported cases identified in the context of surveillance activities implemented at Madeira Airport and 7 are cases of local transmission. Of the positive cases, 21 people are isolated in a dedicated hotel unit and 15 in their own accommodation

Portuguese statistics worsen

Thank to Peter for a link to Expresso reporting that the siuation in Portugal is worsening. The number of daily cases yesterday was 399. There were also two deaths and 173 recoveries. Government maintains restrictions in the greater Lisbon and already foresees new measures from September 15th (contingency state will be in force in the whole country), to prepare return to classes and work.

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  1. Just finally was able to Book yesterday to return to our Beautiful Island, not until 11th of October, hope all remains well on the Island, cant wait to see Friends again,

    Christine and Adrian Towers

  2. We are really looking forward to our next holiday in Madeira but not sure what would happen if someone on our flight was found to be positive after having been tested on arrival at Madeira airport. Would that mean that everyone on the flight is contacted and required to self-isolate for some days?
    Sorry to bother but we are not with a travel agent and don’t know who might know the answer to this.

    • Worry not. If someone is tested positive for the virus upon arrival just those sitting immediately next to that person will be called and tested again/put under observation. Everyone else on the plane will be fine.


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