Spain fights for island exclusion from quarantine

Canary and Balearic islands push for exemption from new UK quarantine rules

The Sun, reporting on Spanish island's fight to be excluded from quarantine

Reuters report that Spain pushing for the UK to exclude the Canary and Balearic islands from quarantine, minister says. In marked contrast to what has happened in the case of Portugal and its islands of Madeira and the Azores, Spanish authorities pushed the case for their islands to be exempted within 24 hours of the new measures being announced.

The Telegraph also reports that the Spanish government is focused on convincing Britain to exclude the Balearic and Canary islands from a 14-day quarantine it abruptly imposed on all travellers returning from Spain, Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya said on Sunday. The BBC also featured the story heavily this morning. Nowhere (apart from this blog!) seems to have been putting the case for Madeira, which has an outstanding record, even compared to the Spanish islands.

“Spain is safe, it is safe for Spaniards, it is safe for tourists,” Gonzalez Laya told reporters. She added that her government would take measures regarding other countries if needed, based on epidemilogic data, but that there would be no tit-for-tat retaliation taking place.

The Sun (above) reports that Balearic Islands’ government chiefs said overnight they were pinning their hopes on establishing ‘safe air corridors’ with the UK to save their summer season and the holiday hopes of thousands of Brits. They confirmed they were working with the Spanish and UK governments to set up the scheme for islands like Majorca and Ibiza.

TUI, Europe’s largest tour operator, has said it will continue to run trips to Spain’s holiday islands (which are excluded from Foreign Office advice against non-essential travel), while cancelling all trips to the mainland. Jet2 is continuing flights to all of Spain, which is strange considering the FCO “do not” travel advice that applies to the mainland.

Other sources report that France and Germany could join Spain on UK’s quarantine list. Countries fear they may suffer second waves, as Britain says it will not hesitate to act quickly and impose new measures

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    • There are no direct talks between Madeira Govt and UK Govt because Madeira is not a sovereign state, rather is part of one. The talks are between Madeira Govt and UK Ambassador in Portugal and the Portuguese Govt FCO. Additionally, Madeira has asked large UK operators like Jet2 and TUI to explain UK Govt the geographical differences between Madeira and the mainland Portugal. Until now, no success.

  1. The whole thing is a farce and shows how little grip the UK government has.

    They put a 2 week quaranty on all of Spain including the islands but at the same time not recommending visits to the mainland (only).

    TUI seems to be the only travel company that has tried to make sense of the confusion.

  2. We are in the middle of a Pandemic.
    A fluid situation that by nature can change at alarming speed.
    So can decisions,at this moment in time the Quaratine is the
    correct one.
    Every Country is suffering financially this is not unique
    to Maderia,
    We are in danger of becoming to emotive because of our love for the Island.
    In my opinion it is time to move on until such a time when the virus is contained worldwide.

    • Erin that is the most common sense comment I have read on the blog.
      To all the other’s get a life get a grip and move on until thing’s get better which in time they will until then adapt to the situation.

  3. The UK government has now said no travel to Spain except for essential travel. So that ruling invalidates people’s travel insurance!

    • That is a deeply troubling and bizarre development, not least when you read the statement that the FCO have put out:

      “We have considered the overall situation for British nationals travelling to and from the Balearic and Canary Islands, including the impact of the requirement to self-isolate on return to the UK…”

      It’s that bit about the impact of ‘self isolation on return’ that they have slipped in. As the same quarantine arrangements apply to those of us returning from Madeira, I am concerned that they may now make the same, ‘all but essential travel’ declaration with regards to travel to FNC. Bizarre when you think that the opposite should be happening. Madeira is safe.

  4. Clearly,
    The senior ministers and civil servants who make these decisions were not taught basic Geography in their elite educational establishments. For ease they merely block whole nations from safe travel. What next? The Falkland Islands.
    Come on Portugal, fight for Madeira!


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