Masks in street to become compulsory

and Flower Parade cancelled

A cover of the Diario today features the news that from August 1 it will be mandatory to wear a mask on the streets of Madeira. 

At 6:00 pm the Regional Government will hold a press conference to give more details about the measure.

Main Flower Festival parade cancelled

JM reports that Allegorical Flower Parade, scheduled for September 6, will no longer take place. According to the TV station, RTP-Madeira, the rest of the Flower Festival program will be fulfilled.

The rest of the program apart from the Cortejo da Flor, consisting of the “Wall of Hope”, the flower exhibition and the concerts remain.

“The decision was based not only on the number of participants but also and above all the thousands of tourists and Madeirans who, every year, travel to the Avenida to watch the parade”, can be read in the publication.

JM reports that some of the groups that were going to participate in the procession have not yet been officially informed and this news will be received with some discontent. Much of the material that would be used in this year’s edition has already been purchased and even rehearsals had already started.

The news announced on RTP, by the Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, who explained that the usual parade will be replaced this year by individual shows from each group, on different days and at different points of the city.

25 thoughts on “Masks in street to become compulsory”

  1. We are due out to Madeira at end September. Holiday was booked last December. If flight is still on and FCO advice is still ok we may travel even though masks have to be worn. If however there is any opportunity to cancel the trip without financial loss then we will do so. What is the point of travelling if you cannot enjoy the sun on your face. That said I wonder how long it will be before the same rule applies in the UK. I hope the announcement at 6pm today will provide guidance on bars and restaurants. Will you have to wear a mask when sitting outside having a drink? I would assume not, but if you do we will definitely cancel. I do appreciate safety is the biggest concern, but tourism will be dead for many months, if not years.

  2. To force tourists to wear masks all day long is like putting another nail in Madeira’s tourism industry. No blaming the UK government now because of its policy of 14 days’ quarantine on return to the UK – the mask idea is a self-inflicted wound.
    We’re cancelling our visit booked for early September – we don’t have to wear masks outdoors in the UK so why would we want to when on holiday?

  3. Wednesday morning: – completely unable to access the admin side of the blog to post anything new as the cyberattack continues. Will try again later. Very frustrating – but at least the front end that visitors see is still working, albeit slowly on accasions.

    • Masks do not control viruses. No scientific basis. You might as well put up a chain-link fence to stop mosquitoes. This virus is no more dangerous than common seasonal flus and colds, which have always killed the vulnerable. Yet we’ve never reacted like this before. In the UK in 1968 the flu virus killed 80,000 people, but no panic then.
      No economic suicide. This is governments globally panicking. We are regular visitors to Madeira. We have a booking for April. If this ludicrous rule is still in force (which it will be as governments have backed themselves into a corner), we will cancel.

  4. What is all this fuss with wearing masks! Simple if you don’t like it don’t come!
    UK made one massive cock up and half the deaths could have been prevented if government had acted sooner! So my advice is “get a life…don’t lose it”

    • The infection rate and death rate was dropping before lockdown in the UK. Study after study shows that lockdowns do not prevent Infections, but they do wreck economies and paralyse the health service and thus kill people. Half the deaths could have been prevented if the government hadn’t dumped the frail elderly in unprotected care homes. There will be many times more deaths resulting from the lockdown from untreated conditions. As for “if you don’t like it don’t come!”, well, ok, we won’t, as many others won’t. Then Madeiran tourism will be even more damaged.

    • If the UK government had acted sooner, people would have tired of lockdown and broken it when the epidemic was at its height. More people would have died. They accepted the advice offered by experts at the time and made the right call given the facts that were known then. Even today, we are learning more about this thing.
      This disease is sneaky and worms its way through populations at will, as Germany, Sweden, Israel and others are now finding. These are countries initially lauded for their approach but now facing significant increases in infection.
      Anyone who thinks that politicians and their advisers have got it licked need to think again.

      • Where to start with such hysterical nonsense? “This disease is sneaky”: you make it sound like it has a brain. It is not sneaky. It cannot think. “At will”: it doesn’t have a will. The advice offered by UK experts was that 500,000 people were going to die and 8 million were going to be hospitalised. This was based on computer modelling which was massively flawed, conducted by a discredited professor (who broke lockdown to see his lover) who told us years ago that hundreds of thousands would die from bird flu or swine flu (I can’t remember which). You mention Sweden. This, and maybe Belarus, is the only country which is managing the crisis effectively. Look at the worldometers website to see how infection rates and death rates are plummeting in Sweden. They had no lockdown. The mistake they made initially was to not protect the frail elderly, like the UK, which their chief scientist has admitted was a mistake. The reason why the countries you mention have increases in infection is because they are testing more! Also, this virus will continue to infect people until we get herd immunity (which, as around 80% of us in the west have pre-existing defences due to previous coronaviruses [common colds] and T-cells which destroy viruses, is not that difficult to reach: we need about 20% of people infected), and there’s nothing we can do, as Sweden worked out. You will note that the word “cases” is being re-defined: A case used to be someone who was ill, but now the media and politicians use the word to mean someone who is infected. Yet most infected people do not have any symptoms. This is a hysterical over-reaction by most governments to what is no worse than a bad flu or cold epidemic. 80,000 UK citizens died from flu in 1968, which is terrible, but way more than have died in 2020 from Covid, but nobody panicked then.

    • Remember this is Madeira not the UK. The fact that they are only giving 5 days notice to travellers is reprehensible. People don’t go on holidays to spend their time wearing masks outdoors. This will be the final nail in the coffin of the Madeiran tourist industry.

  5. I’m in two minds about this.

    On the one hand it would make any Madeira visit less comfortable.

    But on the other hand it would make it more enjoyable in the sense of there being much less stress (= less need to watch out that nobody comes too close).

    [Porto May cancelled by them = no cost; Madeira 4 weeks for 2 Nov cancelled by me 200 Euros. Open cancellable hotel booking Madeira 2 weeks April 2021, so there’s still time]

    • No, no, no! You wrote “less need to watch out that nobody comes too close”. That’s exactly one of the reasons masks are dangerous. Masks are seen by some as a replacement for social distancing, and thus they are more likely to get infected! Not that I believe in any of these policies. There is nothing we can do about viruses except keep the very vulnerable safe and expose the rest to enable herd immunity. Otherwise, we wreck our economy, thereby destroying the health service and, as a result, killing millions.

  6. This is madness on the part of the regional Government in a place that has no active cases and will kill the tourist trade. The key to preventing the spread is social distancing which is easy outdoors. No country in the world is mandating the wearing of masks outdoors.

    • The Spanish islands seem to be doing it too.

      I think the call is for common-sense. There are festivals coming up and there will be crowds of people. If everyone wears masks it will reduce the risk of virus spreading as social distancing is impossible. If you are out in the countryside you do not need to wear a mask.


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