Compulsory masks divide opinion

The “state of calamity” does not validate mask legislation

Front page of the Diario, featuring claim that compulsory mask wearing is not constitutional

The Diario leads today with the story that Alberto João Jardim, former President of Madeira, believes that the Regional Government has no power to decree the mandatory use of a mask on the island, and that the various police forces (GNR and PSP) will not be able to fine those who do not obey the instructions.

The newspaper notes, however, that the controversial legislation has already generated cancellations. Not sure about this – as there are a number of reasons why people might be choosing to cancel their holidays at the moment, with uncertainty about quarantine periods, flights, second waves of the virus…..

JM reports online that a petition to the Regional Government of Madeira was created on Tuesday against the mandatory use of a mask in all public spaces, a measure that will come into force on the 1st of August.

The petition, below, already has 4,560 signatures.

“It was announced that as of August 1, the use of a mask will be mandatory outdoors, on the island of Madeira.
In addition to being something harmful to health, the constant use of a mask has no scientific basis, so we ask the Government Regional of Madeira that removes this measure for the health and well being of the Madeirans”.

17 thoughts on “Compulsory masks divide opinion”

  1. I can understand the authorities wanting people to wear masks where people are gathering at public events, festivals etc as social distancing is virtually impossible. When you are walking along a street in the open air you could pass an infected person and not catch the virus. Sitting on a beach you are safe too.

    The thing is, how when in the open air do you get people to wear masks when they are needed and to go without when not needed? If you say masks must be worn indoors people will understand the need and obey.

    It is a dilemma and common sense is needed.

  2. Well if they stick to this illogical clampdown, there will be two more cancellations here, and, I suspect, a lot more. Had a chat with a pal who lives permanently in a Funchal hotel – he knows nothing about this – asked his hotel (Eden Mar) and they know nothing about it either !
    I had half-an-hour in a supermarket with a mask this morning and could not wait to rip the thing off, I was so hot and uncomfortable. No way are we spending a whole day in Funchal with one….. We were happy to accept it in the hotel, shops etc, but that’s it.
    Just hope Madeira survives this.

  3. We will just have to get used to masks. I have a friend who works for the NHS COVID-19 ward. 12 hours of 3 masks and face covering and we all moan about 15 mins in the supermarket.

    • (Maurice) Not only Sweden. The Finnish government stated a month or so ago that masks didn’t give any health advantages. So you don’t even have masks being compulsary in busses or trains/metro.

      (Our death figure hasn’t increased for weeks but that’s probably connected to the lack of people flying in (or back))

  4. Well, I think we might need more than masks. I just read this in JM Madeira this morning:

    The headline of today’s edition of JM states that the resolution on the mandatory use of the mask, starting on Saturday, is published today. The document, which appears before the arrival of 60,000 tourists in August, does not provide a definite deadline. Pedro JM rejects criticism and advises Jardim to “be more concerned with the lives of citizens and not with personal interests”.

    60,000 tourists in August – how can the island cope with that (testing at the airport and possibly people who test positive at the airport – where are they going to put possibly large numbers of cases). Then there is the toned down Flower Festival and the Wine Festival at the beginning of September. I wasn’t too worried before but these numbers of tourists (if true) is very worrying, particularly as there are new spikes in almost every country………..

  5. The blog says it is uncertain whether cancellations are due to this new ruling. Well, we cancelled yesterday because we have no wish to holiday for 14 days wearing a mask. Many others on the Trip Advisor Madeira Forum have said the same.
    One contributor who is in Funchal at the moment says it is unbearable wearing a mask in the hot and humid conditions. No, this is a nail in the coffin of tourism to Madeira.

  6. I don’t mind wearing a mask is a supermarket or a hotel, but I do not to have a mask on the street. I am from Dublin we don’t normally get warm weather to often.
    I was in my local supermarket today wearing a mask and I was sweating, I thought I would never get out to street to take of the mask.
    My wife and myself are dut to fly to Madeira in September, but now we are thinking of staying home.

  7. Wir hoffen, dass dies wirklich nicht kommt mit dem Masken tragen in der freien Natur, bei grossen Menschen ansammlungen wäre es ok. Der Insel geht es immer noch nicht gut, da es zuwenig Touristen hat, dies könnte das Ganze noch verschlimmern.

  8. Wearing a mask is unbearable period.
    I wear one while out shopping in a relatively cool country
    because it is mandatory.
    Unfortunately it is the times we are living in and until there
    there is a significant change in Covid ,I will not be paying
    money to visit Madeira or anywhere for that matter.
    Yes,it will have a major impact on tourism.

  9. I’m hanging on for dear life hoping my holiday goes ahead in October but not sure I want to come if I have to wear a mask. I don’t do that in Wales where I live and don’t want to do it in Madeira. It will be unpleasant and oppressive

  10. I have become used to wearing a mask in shops in the UK and have even once tried wearing it walking back home in case that becomes obligatory.
    I have no idea whether it makes things safer for me or from me. As far as I can see there is no firm evidence either way.
    What does worry me is that a proportion of people here see wearing a mask as some superhero cloak giving them immunity and therefore opportunity to ignore distancing and other means of prevention

  11. I am a property owner in Funchal and I have to say that I fully supported all the previous measures by the Regional Government including the ones that made it difficult for me to visit my property in keeping the island safe . However, this measure is a clear case of uninformed government overreach and is unenforceable and will be the final nail in the coffin of the hospitality industry which currently has 10’s of thousands of people unemployed.

    No other national government in the world has imposed such a measure. People have to remember that there is no other industry other than tourism, killing that will lead to widespread economic hardship for all Madeirans.

    My wife and I have plans to visit in September for business reasons and will not cancel our plans. However, we will not plan for any future visits until the outdoor mask order is rescinded. We usually visit three times a year but we refuse to spend of vacations with masks on outdoors especially since there is no requirement to wear masks outdoors where we live.


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