Columbus statue toppled in Madeira

Santa Catarina Park statue vandalised

Columbus statue toppled

I have not been able to verify this story yet, as it has not appeared in any other normal source that I can find so far, but this is a link sent in by Maurice to the Portugal News reporting that a statue of Christopher Columbus has been damaged in Madeira.

The mainland newspaper reported a couple of days ago that the statue of the navigator Christopher Columbus at the bottom of Santa Catarina Park, in the centre of Funchal, was knocked down from its location and vandalised at dawn on 26 July, according to a source from the office of the mayor of the municipality.

The same source added that “at first glance, it had just been knocked over”, adding that the statue “has some cracks.”

The statue of the explorer was made in 1940 before being placed at its current location in 1968.

Columbus passed through Madeira on three occasions during his voyages to the Americas, having docked there in 1475, 1480 and 1492.

Will keep this posting brief as I fully expect the server to also “fall over” in the next few moments!

The statue of Christopher Columbus that has been damaged in Madeira.

The following article was subsequently found in the unusually named Scrigg Magazine:

Christopher Columbus by the floors on the island of Madeira , where he was in 1478 with the order to buy 2,400 arrobas of sugar. The website of the tourist attraction of the place tells that “perhaps it was there that the discoverer was inspired by his subsequent trips”. Whoever visits its capital, Funchal , now will find the statue of the navigator demolished.

This has happened in many other places in the world in recent weeks following the murder of George Floyd in the United States at the hands of a policeman, which led to a rematch against figures that the authors of this vandalism consider to symbolize racism or slavery.

It is located in the central park of Santa Catarina, one of the most visited places in the city, and the operators are unable to relocate the sculpture, which is damaged, on its pedestal. Made in bronze and inaugurated in 1968, it is the work of the Portuguese Henrique Moreira.

The mayor of Funchal, Miguel Silva Gouveia, annoyed, has openly condemned this act : “This is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, which has always cultivated tolerance and welcomes those who visit it, who have always fought for equality, for justice , who always embraced his identity with pride. Today will be no different. “

For the alderman, the attack, “is the result of nightly excesses or to claim any ideological position, is not justified.” At the moment it has not been found with those responsible, who carried out the demolition on Sunday morning. An investigation is ongoing.

Columbus statue

16 thoughts on “Columbus statue toppled in Madeira”

  1. As there is a live Webb cam surely this act of vandalism can be seen first hand. Then we can find out what was the reason ? Any educated person knows his history.
    I ask what statue is next to topple due to ignorance. .

  2. I have every sympathy with the BLM cause, but toppling statues does nothing to help their cause.

    Such a shame that this crazy fad has invaded this lovely island.

  3. Apologies for the duplication. When I clicked on “post comment” I kept being directed to pages with error messages, and no sign of my post!

    • Apologies Caroline – the blog has been under serious attack by hackers/competitors for a week now and some things are getting messed up – but we are just about managing to stay live. Some duplicated comments will appear, and I will endeavour to remove them when I can get on with Admin permissions

      • No problem. My comment was in no way meant as blame or complaint, just clarification that I wasn’t going completely mad – yet! I am very grateful for all that you to do keep this blog going. Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. I checked through both the Diario and Normal sites but found nothing about this.

    Leslie, the web cam does show the chapel but the chances of seeing the vandalism is zero plus it probably occurred at night.

  5. Yet another crazy act of vandalism purporting to support BLM. History cannot be changed; it would be arrogance to think we could change it. We can only support BLM by ensuring that the crimes of our ancestors are not repeated and our histories are taught and treated with honesty and sympathy. Vandalism will only damage the cause it purports to support.

  6. What a real shame that it happened in Madeira!!! I totally agree that there is no place for wanton, looting, violence and vandalism in any society.

  7. Helena Bell articulates my opinion much better and succinctly than I could.
    I was brought up in a Welsh Chapel family to view all people as equal human beings basing my judgements only on their behaviour. I am also aware of history and its consequences good and bad.
    A lifetime experience of living, socialising, working with and for people of colour makes me acknowledge the evil of racism but I maintain the UK is one of the least racist countries in the world.

  8. Agree with all previous comments.
    We need to understand and acknowledge our history to help us understand the present and prepare for the future.


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