Blog attack stops!

Sudden halt to hostilities

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Late last night, for some strange reason, the assault on the blog suddenly ceased. After a long period of limping along at a snail’s pace, the shackles were dramatically released and everything returned to normal. Whether this is temporary, or just the lull before the storm, remains to be seen, but hopefully, it marks the end of a very deliberate, concerted, and spiteful attack.

10 thoughts on “Blog attack stops!”

  1. Not just this site, My site also and I know of a few others in Portugal, but I think this is a worldwide attack on WordPress sites, it was in the news a few weeks ago that one hacker took down over 1 million sites in a month, what they gain from this I have no idea apart from destroying peoples livelihoods.

    • Tobi,
      What is the current situation with your madeiraislandnews blog site please?
      Keep getting ‘ site is suspended’ or asked to count umbrellas (!).


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