Award-winning Madeira wine

Blandy’s wins another prize

Award-winning Madeira wine 1

The Diario reports that Blandy’s have brought another medal home to Madeira. This time it was not for the quality of the wine, but for the packaging for the fortified wine launched in September 2019. ‘The Winemaker’s Selection’ is a Madeira Wine alluding to the ‘600 years’ of the discovery of the archipelago that costs 4,500 euros.

Represented in the international contest of Red Dot – international design competition – Blandy’s won the ‘Packaging Design’ medal in a competition that counted with the registration of about seven thousand projects from different countries.

The exclusive commemorative packaging for the 600th anniversary of the discovery of the island of Madeira won a prize in the ‘Luxury’ subcategory, which corroborates its uniqueness and at the same time honours and praises our origins, national materials and the most typical and traditional arts of Portugal and Madeira.

Entirely conceived and produced by the agency OMDESIGN, from Leça da Palmeira, this edition is presented in a Brazilian vinified wood packaging, which during the colonial period was considered a high-quality wood, not only due to its greater aesthetic value but also to its stability and durability. Portuguese silver is also highlighted in the outer packaging and in the crystal bottle, along with an illustration of Madeira Island, entirely sculpted and chiselled by the hands of experienced Portuguese artisans.

‘The Winemaker’s Selection’ also has details in wicker and silver on the sides and is covered with alcantara inside, where you can find a certificate of authenticity and a booklet that shows the whole history and essence of this packaging. This document is loaded in an envelope decorated with Madeira embroidery, a tribute to another typical art from the Region that is adorned with an illustration of some elements of Lauraceae, the most characteristic species of the iconic Laurissilva Madeiran forest, such as Vinhático Laurissilva, Barbusano Laurissilva, Til Laurissilva and Laurel.

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