Airport procedures

Tourists come to terms with “new” Madeira airport

New procedures at the airport

JM has a good first-hand report of the behaviour of the first (small) wave of tourists arriving at the airport;

They describe a young passenger who travelled from France to Madeira and who was received with a banana, a bottle of water and a small bottle of Madeira wine. “Visibly satisfied to be on vacation in the Region, the passenger, who arrived in a large group of friends, took the test in the Region and took the bus to a hotel”. 

However, a couple, diplomatically described as “less young”, who also came from France to Madeira, were upset because the regional authorities did not accept a negative test done more than a week ago. The man and woman had to repeat the test, against the wishes of the couple who tried to argue with the authorities. Also upset was a friend, who had been waiting to meet them at the airport for over an hour – they were certain that they had come with an acceptable test already done and negative. 

The newspaper wanted to know if there has been a lot of non-compliance by the tourists who had arrived at the airport so far. A guide, who did not identify himself, said no, but observed that the Germans are the most respectful. “Yesterday, a Dutch woman took off her mask and said she didn’t wear it because it was hot. So I refused to speak to her”.

“If they don’t have a mask, don’t talk to them. Refuse”!

The same happened again with a gentleman who took off his mask as soon as he took the COVID test. The guide warned him that he had to put it on. He said it was hot. I replied that if it’s hot for him, it’s also hot for me! ”, he told JM. Ahead, a group of young people, who sometimes spoke in Portuguese, sometimes in French, changed the position of their masks almost every minute. Sometimes they would fit the mask on their chin, other times, on the face, but with the nose sticking out. And there were times when the mask served as a headband!

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  1. Tell those obnoxious/uneducated morons i they don’t want to obey by the Law of the country don’t go to Madeira. Go to the Desertas, I’m sure the lizards would enjoy the company. Just take Melbourne Australia as an example. First wave great sucess, one of best results worldwide now w the 2nd wave in total lockdown. Because of selfish people like those. Borders closed once again.

  2. I feel sorry for the airport staff when dealing with ignorant or rude people – so many people still seem to think it’s a game. How many more deaths and how much more misery befiore they learn ? I totally support the measures being taken which will mean I feel safe when I visit Madieira later in the year.

  3. It’s such a shame that the sheep have not yet understood that the whole world is run by a small group of men and that they a slowly taking our freedoms away.
    I have heard enumorous cases on how the Covid19 test is unreliable and in fact that there is no Corona virus.

  4. Hello dear friends ,

    I will be arriving on madeira Sunday 12 July , please be so kind and let me know if possible , if the que are very long for the coronavirus test at the airport , like what one , two hours , half an hour , and how much cost the test , or could be done for free ???? I would appreciate an answer soon as you can guys , ta so very much , for your time and attention.

    Sincerely Dora Mares .

  5. Thank you for the update.

    Good news to learn UK government have relented to agree ” air bridges” for Madeira and Azores without the need to quarantine on arrival / return to UK.
    Hopefully some help towards rebuilding economy.

  6. Yes, Jim is 100% wrong. Madeira and The Azores are exempt from the FCO general advice against overseas travel but, as said, they are lumped in with Portugal mainland in terms of the 14-day UK quarantine.


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