Airport: 4,800 tests conducted

… this week, taking the total to 29,900

testing facility at Madeira airport

Following up on the previous post, details have been released of the testing being conducted at Madeira Airport during the first full week of operation since relaxed regulations were introduced for passengers landing on the island.

The new sample collection stations for testing the COVID-19 located at Madeira Airport have already served more than 4,800 people, passengers arriving in Madeira from the 1st of July until 6:00 pm this Saturday. 

According to the epidemiological report issued this afternoon by IASAÚDE until the end of yesterday, 10 July, 28,989 samples had been processed throughout the Autonomous Region of Madeira since testing was started.

“In the context of the operation of screening travellers at the entrance to Madeira Airport, there is a report of a cumulative total of 4,814 test harvests for COVID-19 carried out on the spot (until 6:00 pm yesterday)”, according to the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE, which means that the total is fast approaching the ’round’ number of 30 thousand tests.

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  1. Well done medical team of Madeira for testing all those people so far avoiding anymore contaminations .

    I am personally very proud to know that they are doing a wonderful job, so for that I would like to thank you all very much for protecting our people and the tourists.



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