Clarification on compulsory use of masks

Mask feturing Madeiran flag

Exceptions clarified

The Diario reports that the Madeira Promotion Association has published detailed instructions on the compulsory use of masks in public places, which comes into effect from tomorrow August 1

APM detail that the non-use of masks can occur where social distancing is observed, such as partaking in sports, ............ more

Highest speed internet found in Madeira

Region has best fixed-line speeds in Portugal

JM report that in the first quarter of 2020, about 286,000 tests were carried out on the Internet speed through NET.mede, mostly on fixed access points rather than wi-fi.

This number reflects an increase of 58% to which contributed the numerous tests carried out since the beginning of the COVID-19 ............ more

Award-winning Madeira wine

Blandy’s wins another prize

The Diario reports that Blandy’s have brought another medal home to Madeira. This time it was not for the quality of the wine, but for the packaging for the fortified wine launched in September 2019. ‘The Winemaker’s Selection’ is a Madeira Wine alluding to the ‘600 ............ more

Blog attack stops!

Blog icon

Sudden halt to hostilities

Late last night, for some strange reason, the assault on the blog suddenly ceased. After a long period of limping along at a snail’s pace, the shackles were dramatically released and everything returned to normal. Whether this is temporary, or just the lull before the storm, remains to be seen, ............ more

Compulsory masks divide opinion

Front page of the Diario, featuring claim that compulsory mask wearing is not constitutional

The “state of calamity” does not validate mask legislation

The Diario leads today with the story that Alberto João Jardim, former President of Madeira, believes that the Regional Government has no power to decree the mandatory use of a mask on the island, and that the various police forces (GNR and PSP) will not be able to fine those who do not obey the ............ more

Columbus statue toppled in Madeira

Columbus statue toppled

Santa Catarina Park statue vandalised

I have not been able to verify this story yet, as it has not appeared in any other normal source that I can find so far, but this is a link sent in by Maurice to the Portugal News reporting that a statue of Christopher Columbus has been damaged in Madeira.

The mainland newspaper reported a couple of ............ more

Masks in street to become compulsory

and Flower Parade cancelled

A cover of the Diario today features the news that from August 1 it will be mandatory to wear a mask on the streets of Madeira. 

At 6:00 pm the Regional Government will hold a press conference to give more details about the measure.

Main Flower Festival parade cancelled

JM reports that Allegorical Flower Parade, scheduled for September ............ more

Spain fights for island exclusion from quarantine

The Sun, reporting on Spanish island's fight to be excluded from quarantine

Canary and Balearic islands push for exemption from new UK quarantine rules

Reuters report that Spain pushing for the UK to exclude the Canary and Balearic islands from quarantine, minister says. In marked contrast to what has happened in the case of Portugal and its islands of Madeira and the Azores, Spanish authorities pushed the case for their islands to be exempted within ............ more

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