World Oceans Day recognised

Photo exhibition ‘Madeira Deep Sea’

World Oceans Day photo exhibition

The blog post yesterday morning, reporting on World Oceans Day, could not find anything taking place in recognition of the event in Madeira. However, various representatives of the regional government later marked the occasion with the inauguration of the photo exhibition ‘Madeira Deep Sea’ which is now open to the public at La Vie Shopping Centre.

The exhibition ‘Madeira Mar Profundo’ is the photographic summary of 10 dives that the submersible Lula from the Rebikoff Foundation carried out in the seas of Madeira, where the team of researchers filmed, photographed and documented the state of the rich natural heritage, species and habitats.

JM report that the ‘Madeira Mar Profundo’ project was conducted, during the previous Government by the Regional Secretariat for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, which had responsibility the sea off Madeira. Under the structure of the latest Regional Government, a new dimension and status was given to the Sea with the creation of the Regional Secretariat of Sea and Fisheries. For this reason, World Oceans Day was marked yesterday with the attendance of both the regional secretaries of Sea and Fisheries and Natural Resources and Climate Change (Teófilo Cunha and Susana Prada respectively). The ceremony to mark World Oceans Day was also attended by the commander of the Maritime Zone of Madeira, Luís Guerreiro.

Knowledge of the marine environment and biodiversity is one of the areas where the Regional Government has increased public support for the various research projects, as stated by the regional secretary for Mar and Fisheries, Teófilo Cunha, recalling that “only 6 percent of the seabed is known all around the world”. As world investment is still low in this area, the minister praised the importance of the Madeiran project. “Projects of this nature, of research, collection of elements and greater knowledge, are always welcome”, highlighted the regional secretary, defending the need to “investigate our seas much more for greater knowledge of our researchers and scientists”.

The Regional Directorate for the Sea also marked the occasion with the creation of an official page on the Facebook network. The site has the motto ‘Mais Mar’ and citizens are invited to interact. Since 2008, the United Nations has chosen a central theme for the debate of new ideas and projects for the preservation and protection of the oceans. In 2020, the theme is: ‘Innovation for a sustainable ocean’.

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