easyJet cancels 7 out of 10 summer flights

Strange revision to flight frequencies

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In a story first reported here early yesterday, the Independent reports that easyJet has cancelled 7 out of 10 flights scheduled for summer – thanks to Jaime for the link. In a strange story, it appears that “Sold Out” is now a euphemism for “Cancelled”.

Until Monday, the majority of easyJet’s planned departures from the UK were shown as operating. But their reservations database has now been decimated, leaving just 30% of the original schedule in place.

In a similar model to other airlines, easyJet is starting up a small network in mid-June – almost all of which is made up of domestic services. Ryanair, plans to operate nine out of 10 routes but only 40 per cent of its planned services.

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In July, easyJet plans to operate on half of its network of 1,022 routes, increasing to three-quarters in August. However, the Luton-based budget airline appears to have reduced frequencies, meaning that 70 per cent of flights between July and September will be grounded.

Robert Carey, easyJet’s chief commercial and planning officer, said: “We are delighted to announce that we will be flying the majority of our route network across Europe, meaning customers can still get to their chosen destination for their summer holidays this year.”

The graphic opposite from yesterday shows the availability of flights from Gatwick to Funchal from the middle of next month.

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  1. Interesting as we are booked from Gatwick on 24th August and our flight is shown as ‘sold out’. Monday is ‘Time Share’ change over day and is always fully booked and I had no idea that it may mean ‘Cancelled’. We have not been contacted by easyJet, but the Bristol flight is still shown as available on 24th. Where did this information come from as it would br helpful to have the link to the article.

  2. My impression was the sold out euphemism was in reference to June and July on the graphic as a quick look at other easyJet UK airport bases shows a similar graphic and in August ( peak period) bookings are clearly available.

    I did a test yesterday via a flight comparison website for several dates in July – easyJet flights were available through booking agencies for most scheduled days. Prices ranged from £99 to £199 pp one way but when you progressed the booking ” sorry this flight is no longer available” was the outcome.
    It will be interesting to see what happens to Jet2 and other airlines intending to resume in July as my best guess – and it is only a guess – based on what I’ve been reading is that the Government appear intent on implementing a 20 minute test taken 24 hours before departure. The trials for that testing don’t finish until the end of this month whether, if successful, a system could be in place by July who knows but with easyJet apparently cancelling until August that may well be the month the FCO intend to change the travel advisory.

  3. Can’t be just a coincidence when not a single flight is available until precisely the first of August, then just Mondays and Wednesdays “sold out” until the first of September when there is full availability?

  4. I’m furious. My family were booked on easyJet to travel to lanzarote. We were told to check in which we did, this morning we received an email to say that we would be going on a different plane and to check seat numbers. All seemed fine until later on when they said the flight was cancelled. Thanks easyJet I paid a large sum of money to rent a villa which I doubt I’ll get back.


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