“Black Lives Matter” march in Funchal

A solidarity march is planned for June 13

"Black Lives Matter" march in Funchal 1

JM reports that a solidarity march with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is scheduled for June 13 in Funchal, following the death of George Floyd in the United States of America.

The meeting will take place in front of the Church of São Pedro, at Rua das Pretas, at 10:00 am.

“Madeira! The history of our island proves that we must show our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in America, no matter how small the number. Join us to march this Saturday, June 13th. Meeting outside the church of São Pedro , Rua Das Pretas, at 10 am and walking to the restaurant square. Everyone is welcome! “, Can be read on the organization’s Instagram page.

The march is organized by ‘legselevencoffee‘, which is worth a visit – very near the Church of São Pedro

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  1. No. People in Madeira do not have to show solidarity with rioting and looting people. I bet that the economy is way more important right now.

  2. Do not get fooled onto thinking he was a sweet innocent man brutalised by police thugs. He had been in and out of prison most of his life for a litany of drug related crimes. On the day he died he was high on crystal-meth and needed to be restrained. That was where things went wrong and excessive force was used. He should not have died the way he did. The BLM movement have a just cause but they should not hide the fact that he was not a nice person.

  3. The demonstrations in the US and now the UK have just become, as BoJo says, infiltrated with thugs. There is no excuse for defacing a tribute to Winston Churchill, of setting fire to flags at the cenotaph.

  4. It really is ridiculous to have a protest march here in Madeira. It is a very racially tolerant society, and the police have always been very even-handed.

    • Hello, organiser here. our cafe is closed forever due to covid 19 and lack of tourists. Therefore we have NOTHING to gain from this, business wise. Just using our remaining platform for the good of humanity.

  5. Wow so much hatred, well allow me to clear some things up for you. Here is a link with the instructions for the PEACEFUL gathering. https://www.facebook.com/legselevencoffee/photos/pcb.702183820542562/702183607209250/?type=3&theater The reasons why, the safety precautions people will take, and the exact movements. NO violence, NO fear. The workers protest were able to gather on workers day by marking the floor with tape or chalk 2 metres apart. I do not think you would give them such hate. You say why do we protest what is going on in America and yet you forget that slaves from the Canary Islands and Africa were brought here to work on the sugar cane farms. Black slaves are in the history of this island, and whether you are aware of it or not these attitudes of racism live on from generation to generation. The TRUE colonist history of Portugal is not taught in schools – it is whitewashed over so many of you do not understand the crimes against slaves. Madeirans who are known to be so welcoming to tourists, should be ashamed for their reaction to what is a peaceful gathering of people to commemorate those who have died at the hands of oppression, simply for the colour of their skin. Where is your empathy?? Most other countries in world have held their peaceful gatherings, Mainland Portugal included, and yet Madeira will be the one so full of hatred they will do everything in their power not to change disgusting attitudes that serve no one, especially not the children growing up to learn not all of them are considered equal by some.

    • Dear Bernardo,
      stating facts has nothing to do with hatred. So the question back to you: why so much lying? Why do you call statements of facts “hatred”?
      I think what upsets and puts off most people in this BLM discussion is the complete one-sidedness of the discussion:
      1. As already stated above: a drug-addicted multi-criminal victim of excessive police force is a bad example, certainly not a hero. Does BLM not have better examples? What about David Dorn, the killed, retired black police officer, who was shot by black looters, when trying to defend someone else’s shop? Nobody seems to care about this man of honour, seemingly because “the colours do not fit”. Is his death not equally unnecessary and deplorable?
      2. Why does BLM not dissociate itself clearly and even fight the very widespread vandalism, looting, burning of shops, cars, flags and even a church? If this is considered legitimate protest, then BLM is not worth a penny and completely non-credible, as BLM itself practices racism against (white) shop and car owners, etc., who are unrelated to and innocent of the death of George Floyd.
      3. True, genuine anti-racism fights ANY type of racism, not only when the colors are politically correct. And (always condemnable) racism is not a privilege of white people. There are plenty of such examples.
      Much more could be said about this BLM pseudo-anti-racist hypocrisy, but I don’t want this to become a book.
      To me personally, BLM seems to be just another form of “we want to get rid of Trump at any costs”, who is for some the root cause of all evil anyway. I have to add that I am not a fan of Trump either. But the hatred and lying and concentrated character assassination which he faces for over 4 years now is just incredible.

  6. No Empathy at all for the ‘gentle giant’ who had a very lengthy Rap Sheet! Any excuse will do related to racism….stay out of it Madeirans.

  7. Reading the comments above, I don’t think they are so much about “hatred” – they are observations about the actions of thugs in the UK who infiltrated the demonstrations. Nothing to do with Madeira, which, as Bernado rightly says, is so welcoming to everybody who visits.

  8. The violence in the protests is a tool. Your kind of talk is what colonizers used to practice in Africa and other places – “Come to the table and we talk about the future. Do you want a political post? A separate country?”. We all know this yielded nothing. It is only until the resistance movements started unilaterally targeting whites and their families that these countries realized some progress towards independence.

    The logic is simple – by attacking people and entities that are “innocent” and close to power, the protesters bring the system to the table. It is not fair, but when the system won’t listen to dialog what options are left? Am not at all for violent protests, but just giving some reasons why they might forever be a tool in the arsenal of the oppressed

  9. “Black Lives Matter” receives heavy funding from George Soros…as does “antifa”. These organizations are using anything they can to further their agenda.

    I agree the murder was senseless. I understand George Floyd’s history and state of intoxication that day. I also understand this was an issue of over reaching authority by a policeman…who does not represent the majority of men in uniform.

    This is NOT a black vs. white issue. Bear in mind policemen kill more white people annually in the USA then they do black people…but you don’t hear any of that reported on mainstream media because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    The reports of pallets of bricks being mysteriously delivered to these cities are true. This has been a well planned out and funded riot.

    Antifa has taken over 6 city blocks in Seattle Washington and has issued a list of demands. People are calling to defund the police…men who risk their lives daily to bring safety, law and order to those in need. Can you imagine not having anyone to call when your house is broken into or your life is being threatened?? Will Americans call antifa for help? This spells lawlessness in America…and that is exactly what George Soros wants!

  10. Racism comes in all forms, as for slavery the world was built on it.Are these thugs going to destroy the Pyramids,Roman
    walls, just a couple to mention.


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