Bathing season already started

… with Blue Flags from June 9

Lido in Funchal - where the bathing season has already started

The Diario reports that Blue Flags will be raised in Funchal’s bathing areas after 9 June, but the bathing season has already started earlier this month with preventive measures due to the COVID-19 according to a city hall source.

“In the context of a 19-pandemic pandemic, the 2020 bathing season began on June 1, on all beaches and bathing contexts under the jurisdiction of the Frente MarFunchal [the controversial municipal company] and runs until September 16”, said a source from the mayor’s office in Funchal to the press agency Lusa.

However, the Blue Flag raising ceremonies in the bathing spaces of the municipality where almost half of the population of Madeira resides will “take place on dates yet to be defined”, pointed out the same source.

The municipality of Funchal adds that this will only happen “after the survey scheduled under the Blue Flag Program, scheduled for 9 June. This year, the award was given to Praia Formosa and the bathing complexes of Barreirinha, Lido (photo) and Ponta Gorda – all in Funchal.

Throughout this year’s bathing season, the 2020 archipelago of Madeira has a total of 16 Blue Flags in different counties, such as São Vicente, Santana, Machico, Santa Cruz, Ribeira Brava and Porto Santo.

Due to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, several measures were determined, “in permanent coordination with all those that are the determinations of the health authority”, especially that of social distance, according to the same source.

In the Funchal areas, among the measures implemented are the definition of two periods of operation in the bathing complexes, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, which allows “the rotation of users and carrying out cleaning and sanitation actions during the interval”. They were also “reorganized” to ensure the necessary social distance and “a maximum occupancy limit was defined” for each space, taking into account the respective useful area, “thus avoiding crowds of users.

During this bathing season, another of the measures is related to the delimitation of entry and exit circuits and a “new sign indicating the exceptional sanitary measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, which must be complied with by users when accessing and bathing complexes, was posted. stay in them”, explained the same source.

The installation of physical barriers in the public service sectors, namely ticket offices, and the closure of children’s spaces, changing rooms and changing rooms are also new this year in these spaces in Funchal. Frente Mar Funchal also placed masks, alcohol gel and gloves dispensing machines at the complex’s entrance.

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