Do tests attract or discourage tourists?

Madeira airport where tests are conducted

The Diario reports that the sales director of the travel agency On Travel Solutions, André Oliveira, warned, yesterday afternoon, at the 5th conference ‘Thinking the Future’, promoted by the newspaper and dedicated to tourism, that “tourism operations in Madeira have already been cancelled. due to the test ”that passengers are required to do within 72 hours prior to travel or upon arrival at the airport in the Region.

The official explained what is going on and suggested additional support to compensate for that measure: “Some tour operators are unable to assimilate the test on arrival. I understand that some kind of control has to be created on arrival. This communication has to be supported by some kind of extra support to tour operators and airlines, not only for the payment of the test but also a commercial benefit to boost demand. We have to see this situation”.

Presumably, the absence of Madeira from Tui’s recently announced startup schedule is something to do with testing?

“Testing is a positive measure”

Despite this reservation, the other three participants at the conference considered that passenger testing is a globally positive measure. The regional secretary of Tourism, Eduardo Jesus, understood that that mandatory measure is part of a strategy that aims precisely to reinforce the image of safe destination that Madeira intends to transmit, in order to restore the confidence of travellers. The government official admitted that there were cancellations due to the tests, but that “there are also many operations that are confirmed”. “We have a lot of operations that are confirmed. I’m talking about countries like Portugal, England, France, Austria, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands ”, he said.

The Pestana Group administrator, Paulo Prada, on the other hand, assumed that “the entry tests are a limitation but it is manageable” and that the cancellation of operations and reservations are now fewer in number, after a black phase in February. “There were people who did not want to subject their children or grandchildren to tests, but they resolved themselves with limitations from the age of 12. I spoke with the representatives of the two largest companies at Madeira airport and none of them tell me that the test is a problem at the entrance”, he added.

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