Tourism restarts July 1

Madeira to reopen “safely and confidently”, beginning with end of quarantine

The following press release was received by the blog this afternoon from the Office of His Excellency, the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, Dr. Eduardo Jesus. No graphics on this, as it is quite an important announcement regarding the restart of tourism on the island!

The Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) decided to restart tourist activity for July 1, the date on which the mandatory quarantine is eliminated.
The recovery will be carried out safely with a view to recovering the confidence of all travellers, workers in the sector and the population in general.
The path taken by RAM, in the pandemic combat, placed it, due to the measures adopted and the results obtained, in an extraordinarily favourable situation, not only because of the extremely small number of positive cases (90) but also because there was never any active contamination and there was no death caused by COVID-19.
RAM was a pioneer, in Portugal, in the creation of a Good Practice document, resulting from the involvement of the entire tourism sector and the option for the Certification of Destination in matters of health security reinforces the position assumed before all those who intend to visit the islands of Madeira or Porto Santo.

Tests to be carried out upon arrival

Consolidating the work done, the Regional Government of Madeira (GRM) opted to carry out tests, on all travellers, upon arrival in RAM. This measure allows all visitors to be sure that, in addition to finding a population without the presence of the virus, all those who entered were duly analyzed, thus promoting a highly secure and expressive environment. confidence levels.
In order not to result in any extra cost for visitors, the GRM decided to assume all the costs related to the performance of the tests on arrival at the RAM, which can, however, be avoided if the passenger chooses to present a PCR test with a negative result, carried out in the last 72 hours before landing time.
The whole process of carrying out the tests on arrival in the Autonomous Region of Madeira is being prepared by the Regional Health Authority, with the collaboration of ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, and seeks the greatest speed and the least inconvenience for travellers
. The details of this same procedure will be known in due course.

June: Quarantine can be avoided

In addition, during the month of June, mandatory quarantine can be avoided by travellers who present a PCR test with a negative result, carried out in the last 72 hours at the time of disembarkation, with no restriction on circulation in the Region for these passengers. Autonomous Madeira.
The epidemiological evolution inherent to COVID-19 will be taken into account in the development of the reopening plan defined for the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
It should be noted that movement between the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo is exempt from any control of the health status of the respective travellers.
The Regional Government of Madeira, through the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, and the Madeira Promotion Association work in harmony in affirming partnerships with all stakeholders and it is our desire to continue to count on you, always maintaining a direct and open channel for sharing. knowledge and experience, affirming the permanent availability of our teams.

Hopefully tourism will return in some form at that point, but the predictable solution does not address the situation where somebobody infected climbs on the plane with you and it is not discovered until they test upon arrival.

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  1. There may well still be some issues to be ironed out, but Madeira is to be congratulated on a positive approach to getting the tourism industry moving again.
    There is so much worry and concern around that tourist destinations need to make it as easy and attractive as possible at their end.

  2. “”But you could be sat next to somebody on the plane”” ————–
    Yes, the virus will jump at you from the overhead light. It travels on light beams!


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