Fireworks companies lose millions

Cancelled firework displays cause €2 million losses

New Year's Eve firework display in FunchalThe Diario reports that Portuguese pyrotechnic companies have been at a complete standstill since the beginning of March and are forecasting losses of around two million euros due to the cancellation of displays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have been 100% stopped since the beginning of March, because everything was cancelled”, said the president of the Portuguese Association of Pyrotechnics and Explosives Industries (APIPE) to the Lusa agency, admitting that “at best, the year is 90% lost”.

Carlos Macedo is still hopeful that companies will be able to “earn something at the end of the year”, but recognizes that “even if that happens, the year 2020 will be terrible”.

According to the president of APIPE, the pyrotechnics industry, which has about 80 companies and more than 10,000 workers, “stopped before the Easter holidays”, which means that many companies have not yet invoiced “anything this year”.

Carlos Macedo used the example of his own company – Macedo’s Pirotecnia features regularly in Madeira – to explain the situation: “I raised the last invoice in December 2019, regarding the holiday party, and let’s see if the next step is not only in December 2020”.

The head of APIPE admitted that the few events that have not yet been cancelled “will soon be, because they are organized by private entities or groups, which, due to the current situation, are unable to raise funds for the events”.

Cancelled firework displays understandable

Firework display in Funchal on New Year's EveCarlos Macedo considered the cancellations of firework displays organized by commissions or private parties “understandable”, but has another opinion about some events cancelled by municipalities and public entities – a number of these will have been in Madeira, where the Atlantic Festival in June, with four separate firework displays. I guess the New Year’s Eve firework display still has a chance of taking place, possibly on a smaller scale?

“There are events scheduled for September and October that have already been cancelled by the city councils. I think it will be a little premature, not least because the funds for these parties do not need to be raised, as they are already in the annual budgets”, he explains.

With thousands of firework displays cancelled, the industry faces another serious problem related to the storage of rockets that were prepared for the Easter festivities – they cannot be used during the fire-risk season, which ends on September 30.

“We intend to ask the Ministry of Internal Administration to make an exception in order to allow an increase in the material’s storage capacity,” he said, recalling that “the export of material, which was around 10% of production, was also affected in full by COVID-19″.

APIPE also admits the possibility of asking the Secretary of State for Tourism that the pyrotechnics industry be re-classified as a tourist business, in order to be able to take advantage of the support that is being given to the sector, due to the pandemic.

“We must be considered a tourist business. We are a fundamental area for tourism, especially for the domestic and the religious, ”said the official, clarifying that the Code of Economic Activities (CAE) of the pyrotechnic industry does not allow integration in the tourism sector.

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  1. We should be with you now and now it looks like our insurance won’t cover over sixties for our 6 weeks in Dec/Jan
    We have been coming for over 20 years and miss you all

  2. We were advised by our insurance providers to up our insurance because of our ages although not until next year.
    This was before the outbreak of the virus.
    We are both relatively healthy ,we will enquire when we resume some normality.


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