COVID-19: Positive case in Azores

Positive case is a young man recently arrived

Scenery in the AzoresThanks to Peter for a link to a news story from the Azores, which has not fared as well as Madeira during the coronavirus pandemic. Another positive case of infection by COVID-19, was registered in the island group yesterday, detected through screenings conducted by the Regional Health Authority. A 35-year-old man with a history of travelling abroad in the Region was under home quarantine.

The Regional Health Authority pointed out that they had “already identified the contacts close to this positive case, despite having been quarantined – it has an associated household, we are analyzing it”. The Regional Health Authority explained that the positive case was quarantined at home because it was a cases that had been excepted from quarantine in a hotel.

Arrived in Azores from Portugal at the end of April

“It is a person who arrived in the Region from a flight from mainland Portugal at the end of April, both this and two others on that flight, being cases of force majeure, were instructed to comply with the home quarantine”, said the Health Authority. Cases like this appear to vindicate Madeira’s tough stance in effectively closing their airport?

Tiago Lopes added that “since the beginning of the outbreak and the implementation of quarantine measures in homes and hotels, it has always made possible these causes of force majeure to except certain cases. We have situations in which people cannot remain in hotels”. Not specifically speaking of today’s positive case, the Regional Health Authority exemplified it with “a person who had to do peritoneal dialysis, and could not do it in a hotel room”.

In addition to the positive case, which brings the number of cases recorded in the Azores to 145, there are five recoveries in the 24 hours, including two users and two health professionals from the Northeast home, and one inhabitant of Terceira island.

So far, a total of 145 cases have been detected in the Region, with 83 recovered, 15 deaths and 47 active positive cases for infection with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease, 39 in São Miguel, two in Graciosa, one in São Jorge, three in Pico and two in Faial.

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