COVID-19: free beer

German brewery gives away 2,600 litres of beer

COVID-19: free beer 1Thanks to Peter for a link to a story in the reporting that a brewery in central Germany has given away thousands of litres of beer for free after falling sales due to the coronavirus outbreak – there actually have been a lot of good stories  to come out of these adverse times!

Willinger Brauhaus, a brewer in the central German state of Hessen, had stock destined for hotels and restaurants which had been closed due to the country’s COVID-19 lockdowns. Rather than throw the beer away, they decided to give 2,600 litres of it away for free. The beer only had a shelf life of eight weeks and the brewers were worried it would spoil and they needed to clean the tanks in order to brew new batches as the country emerges from lockdown.

A long line of customers waited to get their free beer on Thursday, queuing two metres from others and wearing masks. The brewery said they hoped their generosity would be repaid by thirsty customers when they were again allowed to open.

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