Bathing continues at Praia Formosa

Bathers continue to enjoy Praia Formosa

Praia FormosaThe Diario reports that yesterday afternoon saw several people taking advantage of the sunny day to cool off at Praia Formosa, just like what had happened on the previous day, Apparently, in the heat, some bathers could not to resist the temptation and took the opportunity to go to for a swim, disregarding all the warnings that have been issued recently.

The Public Security Police was on the beach on the previous day and approached bathers, warning them to leave.

As reported previously, the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal issued an announcement dated March 16, 2020 that determined the ban on “all sports and leisure activities on the beaches under the jurisdiction of the Captaincy of Porto do Funchal”.

Portuguese Caravels join the bathers at Praia Formosa

Also yesterday, in the same location, some passersby saw several ‘Portuguese caravels’ otherwise referred to as “Portuguese man o’ war“. The same marine organisms were spotted on several beaches in the Region during the bathing season last year and caused burns to several bathers.

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