Airport to open from July

… with free tests on arrival

Plane landing at Madeira airportJust noticed that the Diario reported yesterday that Regional Health Secretary Pedro Ramos yesterday appeared to confirm that the Region will open its airports (both Madeira and Porto Santo airports) from July, with free tests for passengers on arrival as the Region attempts to recover whatever is left of the year’s “high season”. Regarding the cost of the test, he estimated this to be currently €139.90, falling in future.

Regarding the logistics, Ramos admitted that no estimates have yet been made of how much this will cost, “because, in relation to human resources, all of this may imply the presence of one or two more technicians and five or ten nurses” in the sense of creating more teams on the ground, to “shorten the waiting time at the airport or even in the hotel units, because it will depend a lot on the type of tests that will be carried out”.

Regarding the arrival of visitors at the airport, Pedro Ramos says that health authorities will have to see which countries these people come from and whether they come from places with active community transmission. The official highlighted the positive evolution of the virus in most of the issuing markets, “less in England”.

Jet2 date for resumption now July 1

The Evening Standard reports that airline Jet2 and tour operator Jet2holidays will resume flights and holidays on July 1.

The company said the health and safety of customers and colleagues is the “absolute priority”, and it will continue to monitor the situation closely.

“We have said throughout that the sun will shine again and when it does, we will be there to take customers away on their well-deserved holidays,” the company said in a statement on Friday.

“As well as taking them away for their much-needed holidays, customers can be assured that we will be implementing measures, in consultation with the relevant authorities, to ensure the safety and well-being of everybody on board.”

The airline said anyone due to depart on a flight before July 1 does not need to contact the company.

3 thoughts on “Airport to open from July”

  1. Once again, testing on arrival is second best to testing before departure. If only one passenger on the plane tests positive will the rest be allowed to stay in Madeira without having to go in to quarantine? Chances are that the one person will have infected others on the flight so this seems inevitable. Perfectly healthy passengers being disrupted by one positive test. The only way we can all travel with confidence is for testing to be done before departure and this will then exclude anyone who tests positive.

  2. Would someone be so kind as to explain how by any stretch of the imagination, a corona virus test would cost any near this much money?!

    As mentioned beforehand, the only common sense solution would be to test at the point of departure

    Unfortunately the lunatics seem to be running the asylum…

    Priority is being given to profit over people by the very same mob that locked everything down in the first place

    So what was the point of locking everything down and running around like headless chickens?

    I will not even go into backhanders at this point…


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