Surfers break rules again

Surfers break agreed ban at Paul do Mar

Surfers break rules again 1The Diario reports that a group of surfers was photographed today (April 23), at Paul do Mar, violating the rules that dictate the prohibition of this activity during the state of emergency (in force until May 2).

According to the source of the newspaper, the authorities were contacted but did not appear at the beach.

It is not the first time that such a situation has happened in Madeira under “lockdown”. On Good Friday, a group of surfers was spotted just down the coast at Jardim do Mar, which again was drawn to the attention of the PSP (Police)at the time.

In a statement released in March, the National Surfers Association (ANS), after consultation with the Maritime Authority and Health Delegation, reported that “surfing is prohibited and subject to penalties by security forces (where including the Maritime Police, PSP, GNR and Municipal Police) and subject to the legal framework of crime of disobedience”.

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