Rain on Friday

Yellow warning for rain

Rain on Friday 1The Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA) have issued a Yellow Warning for Madeira for tomorrow, Friday, due to the forecast of rain or showers, sometimes heavy, between 12:00 noon on Friday and midnight on Saturday.

Update Thurs pm: Warning level raised to Orange

The North Coast, South Coast and Mountainous Regions are the areas of the island that are under warning.

According to the IPMA forecast, it is expected, on Friday, periods of very cloudy skies and sometimes heavy rain, which will change to showers from mid-afternoon.

There is a possibility of thunderstorms from Friday afternoon and the wind will be moderate to strong (30 to 40 km/h) from the south quadrant, sometimes with gusts up to 80 km/h, blowing strong to very strong (50 to 65 km/h) in mountainous areas, sometimes with gusts up to 110 km/h, gradually decreasing in intensity from mid-afternoon.

Rain on Friday 3

9 thoughts on “Rain on Friday”

  1. The weather is completely irrelevant to the current crisis we face, as are more frivolous attempts to make fun out of the lockdown period both in the UK and elsewhere including Madeira. Some people simply don’t want to take the situation seriously – people are dying in large numbers! AND MORE WILL FOLLOW for a long time. I cannot see us ever visiting the island again as 1) the airlines will not recover immediately and 2) tourism in Madeira will not survive whilst waiting for 1)

    • Weather is a major factor in all viruses as viruses survive much better in cold temperatures.

      Some airlines may not recover but their routes will be taken by other carriers. Pan Am, TWA, Laker, Swiss Air, US Air, Monarch, Air Berlin and many others are all gone but their routes have been taken on by other carriers.

      As for tourism in Madeira, it may be that Madeira is seen as a safer overseas destination after the current crisis ends.

  2. OK Steve – I accept your point that Madeira will probably be seen as a safer destination, but then WHO do the Madeiran authorities allow to come in – to just open the borders to all visitors would be a dangerous act as you risk re-infection – Catch 22!

    • How about this. Everyone entering has a mandatory covid-19 test and is quarantined for 2 days until results obtained (new tests may soon be available with results within 90 minutes so this quarantine period may be shorter). Anyone negative is free to roam, anyone positive remains in quarantine for two weeks.
      Not only would this help to keep the virus out but it would encourage many tourists to come on holiday safe in the knowledge they could return home safe and healthy.
      An island destination like Madeira is much more able to do this, unlike Spain, France, Italy or mainland Portugal where covid-19 infected tourists can simply drive into the country. What a tourist draw it would be for the world’s number one island destination.

  3. The holiday prices and flights, together with shipping into Funchal will hit mars. Supply and demand. World has to rind this one out. The world will change after this.

  4. This is the time for supporting the NHS, Taking advice from the NHS and Government by not lowering the defence. Time of Manners and tolerance and values, like counting your blessings. Holidays are luxury in the future. I remember the time a weekend in Blackpool you thought you had the world when you was a kid, that all the family can afford. The World will not be the same as before, confidence will needed to be rebuild by trade as humans. Too early stage for anything. Baby steps springs to mind.


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