Plane delivers hospital supplies

Military planes deliver personal protective equipment

Plane delivers hospital supplies 1The Diario reports that a C-130 Portuguese Air Force plane will bring hospital supplies to Madeira this Friday, similar to what has been happening over the past few weeks in the Region – since the 18th of March, three military flights have arrived at Madeira Airport with medical support material including disposable suits, masks, gloves and visors.

The Madeira Operational Command has been collaborating with the Madeira authorities since the beginning of the fight against the COVID-19, in an action coordinated by the Armed Forces General Staff.


Also on Tuesday of this week, another Portuguese Air Force aircraft, in this case Falcon – pictured – visited Madeira Airport to conduct a pediatric emergency evacuation to Lisbon, with the health authorities explaining to the Diario that this procedure had nothing to do with COVID-19 – it was a “normal” operation “controlled” by the Regional Health Service.

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