No more cases Tuesday

No new positive cases in Madeira

No more cases Tuesday 1The number of positive cases in Madeira from COVID-19 remained at 85 infections, as announced a moment ago at a press conference. The number is largely due to a couple of completely irresponsible brothers in Câmara de Lobos as previously reported.

The announcement was made by Pedro Ramos, Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection, who said that all tests done in the past 24 hours had delivered negative results.

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  1. People wonder how long this situation will carry on. Remember smallpox? 3 out of 10 died and survivors were scarred from the weals. Dr. Edward Jenner made discoveries in 1796 of an early form of immunisation. It wasn’t until 1967 that a global eradication programme began — 170 years later!! The final case of smallpox was cured in 1980 and the disease declared eradicated. It took THIRTEEN years to vaccinate sufficient people to eliminate the disease.

    So, how long do you think it will take to eradicate Covid-19?

    Ready to rush off on holiday now?


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